Monday, September 29, 2008

My As Well Join 'Em!

Another one bites the dust..... Seems like everyone is advancing into the "blogger" age, so decided I my as well join too. Don't have a clue how to really do this, but figure this is a good way to teach myself some new techie stuff.
I spent the better part of Saturday in Mesa at Blissful Living Studio taking a soldering class from Beth Quinn of Beth Quinn Designs. She is an incredibly talented artist creating soldered jewelry, paper arts and metal arts. Between soaking up all the "eye candy" at Blissful Living Studio and hearing of all the wonderful blogs of artists to check out I was super-charged with creative juices. Somehow, creating a blogspot got caught up in it. So here I am.
Be patient with me as I figure out how to load my pictures onto this spot and make my sight more appealing to the eye! Oh yeah, another new thing to create!!!!


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