Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Hooky!!

Yep, I am.  I am playing hooky this morning....didn't attend church.  I know, I know, very bad.  BUT, I just finished up with 6 weeks of wonderful company and I'm just plain worn out.  I just had to get a little extra sleep today.  So my sweet Hubby quietly tip-toed out of the bedroom and went without me.  Having realized that it's been WAAAAY to long since I have had a chance to read my blogging buddies post, I have my feet up with a hot Mocha in my hand and here I am.  First stop, Nancy's Nest to get it updated. 
We had a great, laugh-filled four days with our long-time friends, Ken & Peggy Hamernik.  We go all the way back to high school, through college and even lived in the same apartment building in Seattle, WA when we were all first married.  We enjoyed a delicious BBQ steak dinner on our patio and an evening dip in our pool as their final night came to a close.
They were up and on the road by 7 this morning heading to Las Vegas for three days. 
Meanwhile, I have gotten my house back in order after Easter:
I also have been purchasing a few things from the store I work (Designer Blvd.)  I won't bore you with all of it, but I did want to show you this cool soldered piece that I have attached to my charm necklace.
Now that I have been working two to three days a week since January, I am realizing that I am missing not creating.  I hope to get back into my studio this week and start something.  I KNOW it won't have anything to do with interior design since I do that everyday that I work!
Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a few pics from our family Disneyland trip.  Have a great Sunday and a good week.  Thanks, for stopping by.

Monday, April 12, 2010


WOW, it's been a fast, fun-filled, fantastic week and a half of family time with our children and grandchildren.  We crammed in a lot of activities and made some wonderful memories. 

We have:
  •  Played in the pool
  • Met the Easter Bunny
  • Gone to 2 Easter Parties
  • Taken lots of golf-cart rides
  • Rode our Razor scooters
  • Played Hula-Hops
  • Shopped at Palm Spring Outlet Malls and LA Garment District
  • Spent 3 days at Disneyland and CA Adventure
  • Played "tackle"
  • Golfed
  • Ate breakfast on the patio
  • Celebrated Jami's birthday
  • Had AWESOME family time!

    Still need to get my Disney pictures downloaded but we had a great time.  The kids got to meet several Disney characters and Hanna had lunch with the Princesses!!  We were able to hit almost all the rides at both parks and do Downtown Disney.  Our little guys were troopers as we drug them around the parks from early morning until late at night.  The day before we left for CA Cole asked me if I was going to pack my "hair-do" dress.  I asked, "What?"  He said, "You know, Gigi, you're hair-do dress."  Then he ran into my closet and came out with my mink stole!!  Too funny!! (No, I didn't take it!)
    It was difficult to say goodbye to Bre and her family.  We struggle with living so far apart and it rips at our hearts when our little grandsons cry when they have to leave.  This year we even got two separate phone calls the first evening they left, crying that they missed us already and wanted to come back!!
    Thank goodness we get to see them again in a few weeks.
    A little side note on Bre's condition:  She continues to have quit a bit of soreness in her legs and weakness in her arms.  The shots are painful and the welts are horrible.  She managed to walk around the parks two full days and only needed a wheelchair one day. Please keep her in her prayers.
    We are gearing up for our 4th and final set of company to arrive in two days.  We are excited to see the Hamerniks and spend some time catching up. 
    As for today, I am off to the pool for some R & R!!