Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting ready

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am starting to get my Christmas decorations up. I liked my "Thankful" banner so much that I whipped this Christmas banner up Thanksgiving morning.  
Today I was just finishing up decorating our Christmas tree when I accidentally slipped off the top of the ladder, fell on my head and cheek on the tile floor, put alittle gash in my forehead and some how tore my fingernail away from my thumb!  OUCH!!  I can't decide which hurts worse, the thumb or my head!  Scared the pee out of my Hubby so now I am under his orders to stay on the couch.  He wanted to call the ambulance (since I knocked myself out) but I wouldn't let him.  Why would I want to have them come and poke and prod me more when I am already in a world of hurt!!  
  So I'm laying on the couch waiting for my decorating fairy to show up and finish my tree!  So far she hasn't shown up!
Gotta go and ice my head!  Hope your day turns out better then mine!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Look What I Did!

 To some of you I am WAY behind the times, to others I am WAY a me I am just plan proud of myself!!!  I've been wanting to do this for some time but just never sat down and figured it out!  But today I did!!!   I have officially added my "signature" to the end of my blog posts!  AND....I even have those little boxed widgets at the bottom of my posts to help you find older similar posts!  OK, enough patting myself on my back....I just had to gloat a little!
                          HAPPY SUNDAY!!!   XOXO
P.S.  YIPPEE, I just figured out how to make and add a button too!!  Woo-Hoo!  Now I'm worn out and need a nap!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes, More Shopping!!

Had a nice day at work yesterday and was able to slip away right at 6pm to meet my daughter and a friend for appetizers and a drink before hitting a Holiday Boutique!
Seems like all I've been doing is shopping lately.  Can I blame it on Christmas?  I mean there are just so many great Christmas Arts & Crafts fairs to go does one pass them up!
I must admit that I didn't buy gifts for anyone else except myself.  Geez, that seems to be a pattern with me lately.  But I just couldn't resist these two amazing items.  First:
 An embellished framed chalkboard.  Loving this look.  Here's the before and the after.
Next, I snapped up this handmade framed picture.  As you can tell I am slowly tweaking my decor with a little vintage.  Hmmm, wonder where that is coming from.  Surely it couldn't be my aging!
I'm proud to say this statement truly does describe our family. I am still contemplating where I am going to hang this one.  Or maybe it will go on a shelf.  
Time for me to catch up on my blog friends posts and read my new Southern Living magazine.  Sounds like an exciting Friday night to me!!   Happy Weekend ~ XOXO Nancy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoe Fetish!

My daughter, Bre came for a visit a couple weeks ago and we hooked up with her sister, Jami for a Girl's Shopping Day. 
Makes me so happy to hang with my Homies!  Especially when they are so darned cute....I think they look great in Bre's darling headwraps. (by the way, you can order them on Twisted Petals Facebook page).  Any-Who, we wasted no time in hitting the stores.  First stop, the shoe department.
All 3 of us have a shoe fetish....the more, the better.  I know, it's sick isn't it.  But it will help you understand this:
Hmmmm, should I buy this pair of boots?
 Oh, but I really love these too......
Geez, how cute are these????
Well, when in doubt I just buy them all!!!
Good thing I have a part-time job to pay for these!!
I think we may be starting a bad habit for our little Sofia.

 I'll tell you what, it sure is a lot more fun shopping for shoes then finding out that we may have to buy a new hot water heater for $600.  Yuck!! 
Time for me to get ready to go to our 6 yr. old granddaughter's first violin recital.....all 15 minutes of it! LOL!!  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving Burlap

 This is a new chair we are carrying in the shop and I LOVE IT!!  Actually, I'm not too sure how comfy it is, but I really like the design and the fabric.  Isn't the writing cool.
 I decided to get brave and try my hand at printing on burlap.  Took me a few times to get it right.  Since my Thanksgiving decorations are slim, thought I'd make this little Thanksgiving definition that I will frame and sit on my counter. 
 Moving on...getting's my next creation.  A burlap Thankful banner. 
 I think I need to look for more Thanksgiving decor, like a turkey or something to fill up the mantle a little better. 
 Bre is going to put her amazing headwraps and clips in a show the end of this month so I made her a banner for her booth.
Designer Blvd.'s floral designer, Sheri, made this wonderful cornucopia and I couldn't resist it!  
 Added my one and only Mark Roberts Fall Fairy.
 OK, so I'm not really sure what this little decoration is.....I just kind of grabbed some fall looking stuff and grouped it together in my black and white boxes.  Actually, I think it's a result of not giving much thought to the decorating!

Good thing I will be taking this all down in a couple's pretty lame.  But, better then nothing, right?

So if any of you want to get in on an awesome Designer Blvd. giveaway, hop over to their blog at: // and check it out.  It starts tomorrow and goes for 5 days!
Now it's time for jammies and bed!   Have a great week.   XOXO NANCY