Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting ready

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am starting to get my Christmas decorations up. I liked my "Thankful" banner so much that I whipped this Christmas banner up Thanksgiving morning.  
Today I was just finishing up decorating our Christmas tree when I accidentally slipped off the top of the ladder, fell on my head and cheek on the tile floor, put alittle gash in my forehead and some how tore my fingernail away from my thumb!  OUCH!!  I can't decide which hurts worse, the thumb or my head!  Scared the pee out of my Hubby so now I am under his orders to stay on the couch.  He wanted to call the ambulance (since I knocked myself out) but I wouldn't let him.  Why would I want to have them come and poke and prod me more when I am already in a world of hurt!!  
  So I'm laying on the couch waiting for my decorating fairy to show up and finish my tree!  So far she hasn't shown up!
Gotta go and ice my head!  Hope your day turns out better then mine!

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Sandy Michelle said...

OMG I am so glad you are ok (in spite of the bumps and bruises)! My sisters' M.I.L broke her knee in 3 places when she fell off a small ladder that she used to pick pears out of her tree. Your Husband is right that you should rest! I hope someone can take over the decorating for you!