Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Just wanted everyone to know that I haven't abandoned my blog. We have a a medical emergency and I am in the middle of dealing with that right now. I promise to post some pictures in the next day or two.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Thinkin Christmas in August

OK, it was 104 out today and I'm in my studio creating these Christmas birds! And after a couple hours I was actually getting excited thinking about all the cool Christmas decorations that will be coming into stores, the lights, the music. Yikes!
Looking at these pictures I am deciding that I really need a new camera. When I check out other blogs their pictures are so perfect. Hmmmm, wonder how I can convince Frank that a new camera is a necessity. Until then, sorry for the not too clear pics.

In the middle of working on these birds today, I accidently knocked a whole paper plate of very fine silver glitter ALL OVER MY DESK! And I mean "all over". What a mess!! I don't think I will ever get it all cleaned up. When I went in to my bathroom a couple hours later and walked by the mirror, I realized I even had glitter on my teeth. Geez!

Next project today was working on getting some of my soldered charms ready for solder.
I will be adding some hanging pearls and crystals to the bottom of each piece.

We've hit another milestone with baby Sofia and so I just had to pop this picture of her in.
She even has two bottom teeth, says Da-da and Papa, rolls all over the place and sits up on her own. A real doll but oh how I hate to see her grow so fast. I just adore this baby stage and wish it could last forever.
A little update on our daughter, Bre. She is still not seeing well out of her one eye. We are hoping that will improve by Wed. when she goes in for her next MRI. We're happy that we will be flying up in two weeks for a visit.
I think tomorrow will be a liesure day for me and after running a few errands in the morning I plan on floating around our pool all afternoon. Happy Monday everyone!
XOXO Nancy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Hard To Wait

There is just nothing like a mother's love for her children. It runs down deep to your core. When illness strikes it cuts to your heart.............and that's where I am right now.
About a week ago Bre began having vision problems along with soreness behind her eye, nausea and dizzyness. When it didn't go away after a few days she went in to see her Dr.
Long story short, she went through several exams, an MRI and three days of IV steriods. She was diagnosed with Optical Neurosis and is now scheduled for another MRI on Wed. to determine if she has Multiple Sclerosis. This is not what a mom wants to hear about her child. Aren't moms suppose to be the fixers. But I can't fix this. And so I turn it over to the Lord and pray for healing and a positive diagnosis. And for peace because it is hard to wait. If you have a moment, will you too say a little prayer of healing for my sweet daughter, Bre.

On a lighter note...............I got to go to the vendor fair at:
ArT UnRAvEleD.........a creator's paradise! All this talent in one room was almost more then I could take in. Honestly, the things people can think of to make just blows my mind! I could have spent $1000, but since I didn't have anything close to that in my purse, I went for the next best thing: a Julie Haymaker original "Cherish the one your with". If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Julie in person, you know what a darling person she is. Full of energy and always a big smile on her face. She had a table full of treasures and it was hard to decide (cause I wanted everything on her table) but after she told me what spurred her to create this piece, I had to have it!

She has been going through a rough two months with the selling of her New Mexico house, the loss of her husband's business and then dealing with his collapse into a seriously deep depression.
Her story just sparked my emotions. How much I deeply love and respect my husband. How fortunate we are to be best friends and soul mates. And how blessed we are to be living this incredible retired life in AZ.
Of course, I had to have another piece of Beth Quinn's wonderful handmade jewelry. She continues to create these great unique pieces. Again it was difficult to make up my mind. Every necklace, pair of earring and bracelet were so cool. But I am always drawn to black, so this is the treasure I came home with!
Tonight we were unexpectidly invited for dinner over to Jami and Mike's house. Oh boy, was I happy. I was tired and the brain wasn't coming up with a good idea for a dinner menu so the timing was perfect. Besides, it's always fun to spend time with our little granddaughters. And dinner was yummy! A nice ending to a stressful day.
XOXO Nancy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Now this guy knows how to travel!
I just thought this was so cute I had to snap a photo for you. Rosie and I were playing hooky on Friday morning and skipping out of our exercise class (ya, ya, I know...bad girls) for a Mocha and breakfast at Joe's Coffee Shop in Gilbert, when this couple walked up pulling their dog in this wagon. Come to find out their dog isn't able to walk so this is how they take him out on the town.
Lucky guy to have such thoughtful owners. He really was a sweet dog.

New addition to Nancy Hunter Designs.....Swarovski embellished flower hair clips.
I'm being told that this is the new rage for gal's hair. These flowers are big and fun.

My infant hats have a new look....VERY BIG flowers. They really make a statement. To see how cute they are on, check out my business website at Nancy Hunter Designs.

So in staying with the new look, the headband's are adorned with VERY BIG flowers too!

Back in the studio lots of pearls, glitter and gluing was going on. I managed to snag a few more vintage bottles for a steal at a local antique mall. The rest are new bottles that I have been picking up here and there for my Snowman Bottles.

Finished this group up and started on the next 15 today. They are so much fun to make, but boy are there a lot of steps to getting them done. It's funny because when I start putting their faces on, each one of them comes alive with his own personality. Some have a little mischievous smile, some are silly and others are just sweet. I AM going to keep one of these for myself, but how will I decide which one.....I want them all!

So, on Wednesday we celebrated Hanna's real birthday. She opened her presents at home and loved everything she got.....Barbie movie, Operation board game, Mario Kart DS game, Blendie Pens, Colored Pencils, new minkie blanket, jewelry box, Barbie mermaid, and much more.
Then we were off for Mexican food at her favorite restaurant, LaFonda. Jami had a little tinkerbell cake made for her special day.

Sofia thought the who birthday celebration thing was great! She loves Mexican food.
Especially refried beans!!!
On Friday we decided to relax with some flavored martini's and sushi at Blue Wasabi with Mike and Jami.
Tonight me and Hubby took a dip in our pool. It's been days since we have had the opportunity to just quietly enjoy each other's company. So we bobbed around and talked about the past week's activities. Our prayers were answered last week when we found out that Bre does not have MS. Unfortunately, she still does not have a diagnosis for all her symptoms. So she is taking some medication until Tuesday when she see's her Dr. again. It's taken the headaches away, but nothing else.......oh, except make her terribly sleepy and irritable. Bummer.
Luckily, she has Kyle home all week to help her with the boys. I think what she really needs is just a big 'ole hug from her mom!
Time to put this old gal to bed. Tomorrow brings exercise at 5:30 am and then back into my studio.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Bad News

I apologize for two sad postings in a row, but I need to add one more person to your prayer list, our daughter, Bre.
She went into the Dr. this morning for blurred vision, pressure behind her eyes and nausea and was immediately sent to Madigan Air Force Hospital in Tacoma, WA to see an Ophthalmologist. After several Dr.'s examined her she was sent in for an MRI this evening. The first Dr. to talk to them after the MRI mentioned MS might be the problem but that the Neurologist would be talking to her late tonight and they may have to admit her to the hospital from the emergency room. We are all worried and requesting your prayers. Kyle is with her and thankfully the boys have friends who are watching them.
I will keep you posted as we hear updates.
XOXO Nancy

Heavy Heart

Tonight I am writing with a heavy heart.
I usually try to stay upbeat when I blog, but life has thrown me a curve balland I just can't seem to find "happy" today.
Two days ago my oldest, dearest, best friend, Diana, called to tell me that her father had passed away that morning and that she had just been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.
The "C" word.
Her words knocked the breath out of me. I was speechless for a full minute (and for those of you who know me, that is like an hour for me). What do I say to her. How do I let her know that my heart has just broke and my body is aching from sadness.
My mind seemed to shutdown. I couldn't think straight. I honestly am not sure what I said. But I know what I feel. I want to take it away. I want to put my hand inside her body and pull all that terrible disease out. I want to take all her sadness away.
I want to hold her, hug and let her know what our life-long
friendship means to me.
But I am miles and miles from her and I am only human.
So I go to my knees crying out to my Lord for a miracle. For complete healing. And I wait on his perfect will for Diana.
I ask each of you to please take a minute to pray for Diana, her wonderful husband, Jock and her two beautiful children,
Jenna and Ross.
And while you're at it, would you please include my two other dear girlfriends who are also battling breast cancer, Vicky and Christine. They are just beginning their chemotherapy treatments and
need all the support we can give.
How sobering it is when we are suddenly faced with loved ones fighting against this horrible disease. It causes us to stop and reflect on all the blessings in our lives. To put our focus on what's really important...our family, friends and our faith.
XOXO Nancy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YoU sAY iT's YOuR biRtHDaY !!!!!

WooWhoooo.....5 years old today!
Happy Birthday to our oldest granddaughter,


Look how she is growing.......

Things we LOVE about our HANNA:
  • how much she likes to cuddle
  • what a great swimmer she is
  • that she is so sweet to her baby sister
  • how smart she is
  • what a good artist she is
  • what a good helper she is
  • that she likes everything pink
  • that she always has hugs and kisses for us
  • that she has Jesus in her heart
  • how much she loves her cousins
  • that we have her as our granddaughter
Papa and I are wishing you a very special day
for a very special granddaughter.
We Love You Tons

Saturday, August 1, 2009

aND ThE WinNeR iS........................


Congratulations! You are the winner of
my first Give Away.
I'm so excited that you will be receiving
one of my chandelier art canvas. I'm hoping
you will enjoy it as much as I did
creating it. I will be contacting you shortly.

I have a very colorful flower garden which has blossomed on
the top of my guest bedroom's bed!
Actually, it's covered with all my newly created infant hats
and headbands. Being anxious to see them on, I convinced
baby Sofia to come over and model a couple.

Sofia was getting tired... it was naptime. So, I had some difficulty
getting a good shot of the headbands. But you can get a little
glimpse of one of them here.

aND fInaLly........
remember when I gave you a sneak peek
at one of my new creations
for the holidays?

here they are in progress. sweet little
I purchased some small vintage bottles quit some time
ago and have also kept a stash of found objects that I
just keep adding to, knowing that they will find
their right place somewhere down the road in one
of my creations.
After seeing similar ones that were created by
artist, Sue Pelletier, I knew this is
what I wanted to use my bottles for.

I had very little experience using Paper Clay but
found out that I just love it. I felt like a kid
again.....rolling, squishing, forming the clay.
Each little quirky face slowly evolving into
it's own personality.

I will be adding these little men to my Christmas inventory.
I can't wait to

display them on my table at the Believe Boutique
the beginning of November.

Thursday night my favorite decor store, Designer Blvd., held a
Of course, I had to be there. I'm never one to miss out on a party!
And this one was a blast.
It's always a delight to enter their shop. It is continually changing with
new inventory arriving weekly:
beautiful displays
unique merchandise

wonderful, friendly staff.
Carol (owner) and Vanessa (manager) greeted their guests
with this yummy table of goodies!

Then we were off and running....
there was so much to take in
it was total candy to the eyes!
Take a look
see if you agree!!

OK, isn't this place just the

And it gets better.....
right in the middle of their store is a
Not only do they carry darling, inexpensive clothing, purses and jewelry,
but now they added several awesome lines of jeans.

Lov'in this jewelry!

Are you get'n the picture? I told you it was
candy to the eyes!!

Here are a few pics of their new

To top off the evening, they were giving away door prizes
every half hour

and yours truly WON!
Is this not a "kickin" bag!

On Friday, Hanna had her 5 year old birthday party with
five of her girlfriends at Create Your Own Joy Studio. OMG!!! Kelly, the owner,
out did herself. She prepared the most outstanding Fairy party for the girls.
She made them beautiful pink tutu's and pink satin hats. The girls got to decorate
their hats and made flower wands. They were in heaven! Instead of birthday cake,
Hanna had cupcakes with glitter on top. It was such a fun afternoon for all of us.
I will post a few pics as soon as I get them. We topped off the evening with
dinner at Red Robin.

Tonight Hubby and I are babysitting our granddaughters
while their mom and dad enjoy an evening out with friends.
Dinner, a swim in our pool, a board game and then bed.
All makes for a wonderful evening.
Here's wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!
XOXO Nancy