Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Now this guy knows how to travel!
I just thought this was so cute I had to snap a photo for you. Rosie and I were playing hooky on Friday morning and skipping out of our exercise class (ya, ya, I know...bad girls) for a Mocha and breakfast at Joe's Coffee Shop in Gilbert, when this couple walked up pulling their dog in this wagon. Come to find out their dog isn't able to walk so this is how they take him out on the town.
Lucky guy to have such thoughtful owners. He really was a sweet dog.

New addition to Nancy Hunter Designs.....Swarovski embellished flower hair clips.
I'm being told that this is the new rage for gal's hair. These flowers are big and fun.

My infant hats have a new look....VERY BIG flowers. They really make a statement. To see how cute they are on, check out my business website at Nancy Hunter Designs.

So in staying with the new look, the headband's are adorned with VERY BIG flowers too!

Back in the studio lots of pearls, glitter and gluing was going on. I managed to snag a few more vintage bottles for a steal at a local antique mall. The rest are new bottles that I have been picking up here and there for my Snowman Bottles.

Finished this group up and started on the next 15 today. They are so much fun to make, but boy are there a lot of steps to getting them done. It's funny because when I start putting their faces on, each one of them comes alive with his own personality. Some have a little mischievous smile, some are silly and others are just sweet. I AM going to keep one of these for myself, but how will I decide which one.....I want them all!

So, on Wednesday we celebrated Hanna's real birthday. She opened her presents at home and loved everything she got.....Barbie movie, Operation board game, Mario Kart DS game, Blendie Pens, Colored Pencils, new minkie blanket, jewelry box, Barbie mermaid, and much more.
Then we were off for Mexican food at her favorite restaurant, LaFonda. Jami had a little tinkerbell cake made for her special day.

Sofia thought the who birthday celebration thing was great! She loves Mexican food.
Especially refried beans!!!
On Friday we decided to relax with some flavored martini's and sushi at Blue Wasabi with Mike and Jami.
Tonight me and Hubby took a dip in our pool. It's been days since we have had the opportunity to just quietly enjoy each other's company. So we bobbed around and talked about the past week's activities. Our prayers were answered last week when we found out that Bre does not have MS. Unfortunately, she still does not have a diagnosis for all her symptoms. So she is taking some medication until Tuesday when she see's her Dr. again. It's taken the headaches away, but nothing else.......oh, except make her terribly sleepy and irritable. Bummer.
Luckily, she has Kyle home all week to help her with the boys. I think what she really needs is just a big 'ole hug from her mom!
Time to put this old gal to bed. Tomorrow brings exercise at 5:30 am and then back into my studio.

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Nancy I can never get enough glitter!! It was so good to see you too at unraveled. My aunt Deb ( Beth's mom) and I said we both love coming by your blog as it always looks like you have such a happy fun life and you and your hubby are so in love. Cal and I are too!! It is a good place to be!!