Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here Comes 2011!!

Here it comes, ready or not!
I'm sitting here thinking about what am I going to strive for in 2011:
Create more art
Be a kinder person
File my paperwork from 6 months ago
 Be more generous
Remove my laundry from the dryer before day 2
Read more
Put my shoes in the closet instead of the hallway
De-clutter and organize pantry & cupboards 
Redecorate my studio
OK, that's enough.....geez a person can only take on so much before 
it becomes undo-able!!!  
So what are YOU going to strive for in 2011?
Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creating Again!

 Today was spent getting our daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons to the airport for their flight back to Washington state after a 12-day stay.  Then back home to take down all the inside and outside Christmas decorations, change all the beds and clean the house.  After all that who has the energy for a well balanced home cooked meal?  Not me!!!  So I  headed for a yummy dinner of "2" homemade cinnamon rolls swimming in warm butter...MMMmmmmmm!  Not great for the figure, but man does it taste great!
Awhile back I gathered together some old jewelry that my mom doesn't wear anymore, some from my deceased aunt and some of mine.  I had a pretty good sized pile.  Some pieces were broken, some missing stones and some very cool vintage pieces.  I decided to make some necklaces for myself and my daughters.  Here are a few of the finished pieces.  

This necklace includes my 83 yr. old mother's high school graduation watch she received from here parents in 1945.  I just love this!  I incorporated several vintage pieces from my aunt.

This piece also has one of my mom's old watches in it.
Mom obviously likes small watches!  I really like the big pearl earring in the middle.
All the necklaces have broaches, earrings, pieces of necklaces and bracelets, charms and beads in them.
I made 2 more but my daughters have them so those pictures will have to be posted later.  I had so much fun creating these that I think I may start doing this for other people who want to use their family jewelry to create a new heirloom.
     Next week starts a NEW work schedule for me.  I am cutting back to 2 days a week.  
     I am so excited to have time to get back into my studio and get my hands busy
     creating fun stuff!         

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All Dressed Up For Christmas

 Decorations are up and family is arriving this evening for 10 days of Christmas celebrating and we are so excited!!  We haven't seen our grandsons since Sept.  Way to long for us!  

 The groceries are stocked, beds ready, new toys in the toy box....just a few more hours and our home will be full.  The only bummer is that it is raining!  Geez, we go months without seeing a drop and just when our family arrives it's a downpour.  Thankfully, it is suppose to warm up in a couple days.  Tomorrow morning we are off to Hanna's school to help her class finish up their Christmas present for their parents.  It's going to be a very full 10 days and SO MUCH FUN!! 
Time for dinner....well, actually, time to go out for dinner! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Snowman Won't Melt!

I am so excited about my new creation!  In fact, I am having a hard time gathering all my thoughts into a cohesive sentence.  So much to show and tell.  Yesterday I spent the day up in Scottsdale taking this snowman class from the Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.  I have been following her blog for a couple years now and when I saw that she was offering her FIRST home-based class I jumped at the chance.  I really mean "Jump" up and down, waving of the arms, hollering and dancing around kinda jump!!!  Not only was I going to finally meet her in person, but I was going to get to see her darling house.  I have seen a few pictures of her beautiful home on her blog but to be able to see it in person AND decorated for Christmas, well OMG!!!!  Take a look:
 Keep in mind that Karen has made just about everything in her house!  AMAZING!
 Check out what she did around her TV.
 She made these pillows.
Her house smelled SOOOO good.  She had baked chocolate chip cookies for us.
 Here's her freakin cute!!
 Karen made all those shadow boxes.....any everything else that's to die for.
Now, back to the class.  Here we are in her workroom getting started.
 A little handmade winter wonderland above us!  Honestly, she thought of everything!
 My first experience with CelluClay.
 A quick trip to the backyard for some sanding on our snowman bodies.
 Miss Karen.
 My guy!
 The rest of the groups....

 Me and the Devine Miss Karen
Can't wait to see what she offers for her next class!
Today we went to church and then home to finish up some Christmas gifts, do some wrapping, spend time with my mom, cook dinner for my hubby (first time in about 2 weeks) and catch up on my blog.  Now I need to to get to bed and get my beauty sleep for work tomorrow morning.  Oh and UGH, I start back at exercise at 5:30 am too!  This staying in shape stuff is for the birds.