Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Much New

Gosh, I think I have been wasting the days away.  Seems I have nothing of much interest to share.
Just been working at the store and floating around the pool!  I did run over to the mall yesterday and found this darling dress.....................
It's a washable silk.

   And I got it for a STEAL......!!!  Yep, originally $89 and I got it for a whooping $26.70!!!  SCORE!!  I love great finds.  I'm trying to hold myself back from going back over to see what else I can find.
Been hanging out with my sweet Sofia a lot lately.
She is 17 months old now and starting to sat lots of words and tries to mimic everything we do. 
Here she is in her new headwrap!
I have a day off today so Hubby and I are trying to think of something to do.  
So far we have no good ideas.
May be a relax at home day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oh where, oh where has my energy gone....oh where, oh where can it be?    GEEEEZZZZ.....I just can't seem to get my motor started.  I do have a couple good excuses though.  One being that I have been working a lot and Two being that I spent 2 1/2 days in bed with the stomach flu.  Not good.  It's a lousy way to loose 4 pounds quickly!
I did manage to squeak out one little needle felted chick before I got so busy and sick.
Her hat was a challenge.  Trying to get the brim thin enough to fit on her head was not easy.  But after a lot of needle pokes I managed to get it on her head.
A couple of the other gals at work have joined me on Monday nights at Designer Blvd. (where we work) at 6pm to redo displays until 11pm.  Adding those hours to the rest of my schedule has worn me out.  But here's a few pics of what we have done.
 Next week we will begin to change up all the displays in the Home Decor side of the store.  It's exhausting work but so gratifying. 
Today Hubby and I spent the whole day babysitting our two granddaughters.  What better way to spend a day then in the pool!
Meanwhile, I will be waiting for that motivating creative bug to bite me!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I'll take dry and hot any day....
when the wet and dry means spending time with our family!
Twelve days in Washington rain babysitting our grandsons (while our daughter and son-in-law vacationed in our house in AZ) means having to be creative in the entertainment department.  So these are a few of the ways we made memories with the boys:
the one day the sun came out we crammed in :

a little jam'in with Gib and Stephen
In December we gave Bre her first sewing machine for her birthday.  I finally got a chance to show her how it works last week and I don't think she has left it since!
She has a very creative design talent and it is exciting to see what she is sewing up.
We had a wonderful time with our grandsons.  Coleman is 7 1/2 and Caden is almost 5.  They play great together and were so easy to take care of.  It was hard to leave them until July when we will all be together again for a big family reunion at Fort Flagler in WA.
Now we are nestled back in our home and adjusting to the 100 degree temps!