Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Much New

Gosh, I think I have been wasting the days away.  Seems I have nothing of much interest to share.
Just been working at the store and floating around the pool!  I did run over to the mall yesterday and found this darling dress.....................
It's a washable silk.

   And I got it for a STEAL......!!!  Yep, originally $89 and I got it for a whooping $26.70!!!  SCORE!!  I love great finds.  I'm trying to hold myself back from going back over to see what else I can find.
Been hanging out with my sweet Sofia a lot lately.
She is 17 months old now and starting to sat lots of words and tries to mimic everything we do. 
Here she is in her new headwrap!
I have a day off today so Hubby and I are trying to think of something to do.  
So far we have no good ideas.
May be a relax at home day!


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy 4th of July Nancy!! Sweet Sofia looks exactly how my sister Sabrina looked when she was a baby :)


vivian said...

hi Nancy. floating around the pool is about all I could stand to do this last week as its been sooo hot here! I'm way behind keeping up with all my blog pals, so I'm trying to check in with everyone over this weekend! wish me luck!!
will choose a winner for my giveaway this weekend too... so keep your fingers crossed! I have no clue what the prize will be yet.. hope people like it what ever it ends up being!
hugs and have a great weekend!

vivian said...

hey Nancy.. you were one of the winners of my give away a couple weeks ago! I need your address!
hope to hear from you soon.
send your address to: