Saturday, October 31, 2009

HApPy hAlLoWEeeEeENiE!!!!!!

WIsHinG yOu A SCaRy HaLloWeEn!!!!!!!

I will not be enjoying all the Boolicious tricks and treats cause....
Yep, that about sums up where I am right now....SICK! Man, I'm so bummed. I had a great costume and Hubby and I were invited to 2 Halloween parties. Instead I am laying in bed sneezing, achy, runny nose and miserable while Hubby is in front of the TV watching his 100th football game today! Exciting, huh?

I finally got my pictures uploaded of the Junky Trunk Sisters Flea Market. Several of my good ones didn't take. MAN, I am praying for a new camera for Christmas.

This darling pumpkin head girl was handmade and waiting in one of the booths for some lucky lady with lots of "cash" to take her home.
So, Bre and I barely get through the doors and to the 2nd booth when her eyes make a direct hit on a coat in Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon's display from Shabby Scraps.
Little did I know, but Bre did, that this coat is an original Juicy Couture. It was in amazing condition and she got it for a steal....$68. She was thrilled!!!

I was excited because I realized that I follow Tiffany's blog. She had so many wonderful vintage items to choose from. And she was giving out PINK cupcakes to all the attendees!! Yum!This beautiful necklace was made from vintage jewelry pieces. Don't you love the dress!
These canister lights are made from vintage funnels. So cool.

These ladies were right in style!

So that's it for my pics of the show. It was a ton of fun and I would highly recommend that you attend a vintage flea market show if you ever get the chance. You won't be disappointed.

I did manage to finish up several more canvas art pieces for next weekend's Believe Holiday Boutique. YIKES!!! Is is really only 6 days away!!!

5 TO 9PM
9 TO 2PM

on the SE corner of Alma School and the 202

Now I really must lay back down and rest my pounding head. Have a terrifyingly, ghoulish HALLOWEEN!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back with a blast!!

.....we blew in with the big windstorm yesterday. Lots and lots of dust swirling around in a warm but gusty windstorm. I must admit that the warm air was a nice welcome after the cool, crsip air of WA.
Hubby and I had a great time hanging out with our kids. We totally surprised the boys as they had not been told that we were coming for a visit. The week went too fast, but we managed to cram in several fun times.
On Saturday we took off for the University of Washington football game. Our timing was perfect for the beautiful fall foliage. The campus was draped in orange, yellow, red and gold. It was absolutely spectacular.
We joined the hoards of people walking through campus to the stadium. This is Frank's favorite part of the journey to the games. Brings back old memories.

We had great seats even if we were up in the middle of the heavens for the game!! The weather cooperated and the view of the field and Lake Washington was perfect.
The boys stayed home with a sitter and were waiting happily for our return at the end of the day.
We ended most of the evenings with a bowl of ice cream.

Cole and Papa doing math problems.
The boys love playing the Wii. Here's Cade playing the Wii Mario Cart game. Check out the faces he makes. Too funny!

Now to back up a week.
I took four of my girlfriends to Country Ceramics in Queen Creek to try their hand at glass fusion. After a brief lecture from the owner of the store we took off on our own and started to create our dishes. This is how my sushi dish started.
Rosie is building her candy dish piece by piece.
Here's Sue sorting through glass scraps for just the right piece for her dish.
Sue and Rosie hard at work......
Linda and Erica working on their pieces.
This is my candy dish after gluing all the glass pieces on.
Here is the sushi dish I finished gluing for my mom.
After the designing and gluing are finished the pieces are laid in a form and fired a couple times until the glass is fused.
This is the finished product.

The girls had so much fun that we are going again next Monday to make more dishes. Actually, I think is was really the company and the stop for a Margarita after wards that really sold them on another trip!

Here are a couple pics of our little Sofia. She is growing so quickly...changing daily.
Who could resist this darling little face?
I still have tons of pictures to share from the Funky Junk Sister's Flea Market that Bre and I attended last week. I will try to get them posted tomorrow.
Also, I have had several people ask me how Bre is doing and what the latest is on her medical condition. The latest update is that she does not have colon cancer. The polyp that the Dr. removed was benign but she is at high risk for possible colon cancer so will be checked yearly. Her eye continues to slowly improve. She is not experiencing the migraines anymore and the dizziness is not as bad or as often. The MS is still a strong possibility, but until it shows on her MRI she is not officially diagnosed as having it. She is now having to wear glasses but that is a small price to pay at this point. She continues to remain optimistic and the boys keep her busy throughout the day. She is so fortunate to have a devoted and supportive husband who she adores. Together they are raising our grandsons in a Christian home and we see God's blessings abound in their lives. We are thankful that Kyle will be home steady for the next four years in an instructors position on the base. Bre will fly down in a week for 4 days to attend and help at our Believe Holiday Boutique and then all four of them will be here for 2 weeks over Christmas. We just booked everyone's hotel and plane reservations to take our daughters and their families to Disneyland during Spring Break of 2010. So we have a lot of exciting family activities to look forward to.
As for now I am pooped and ready to hit the bed. Need to get up early tomorrow to fill a special order for a canvas art.
XOXO Nancy
Q. Why did Dracula take cold medicine? A. To stop his coffin.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have so much to show and tell but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera cable and am unable to download the rest of my vacation you will need to wait until the middle of next week to enjoy all the wonderful Funky Junk Sisters Flea Market pics. Here's a little peek for your viewing pleasure! This arch is attached to an old metal barrack's cot. Love the chandelier hanging in the middle. Wouldn't this be so cool in your backyard with flowering vines growing over the arch. Bre and I had so much fun looking and buying.....tons of great displays and lots of neat goodies to drool over. We managed to come home with several bags of things, but I only have 7 lbs. of room in my suitcase. Bummer! Hubby and I are having a blast with our grandsons. Lots of wrestling, hide and seek and chasing. I will post again when we return next week. Meanwhile, I'm wishing all of you a fun weekend. Remember to get your Halloween costumes ready.....just a few more days!! Watch out for ghosts!!

What do you call a little monsters parents? Mummy and deady!