Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another day...Another Necklace

Had a very relaxing weekend.
Got to take a 2 hour nap.
Ate yummy Chinese take-out for dinner last night with my hubby.
Watched the UW Huskies beat Arizona! Arf, Arf, Arf!!!!!
Went to church.
Made this necklace and six others for the Christmas Boutique.
Tonight we ate the rest of the Chinese leftovers for dinner on the patio.
Went for a nice walk with my Hubby.
Finishing off the evening with a piece of cheesecake. Life is good.

Our little Sofia is growing so quickly.
Pretty soon she is going to be too big for my flower hats. Since this one still
fits her I just had to let you see how cute she looks in it.

She will be 9 months old on Oct. 14th and has been taking swimming lessons
for several weeks now. The Swim School happens to have a big play area for
the kids to use while waiting for their lessons. On Friday I joined Jami and the girls
for Sofia's swim lesson. While we were waiting I put Sofia on a couple of the riding toys
for the first time......
and well, I think her face says it all!

This is the girls with their friend, Moira, who's baby sister, Maida, takes
swim lessons with Sofia.

Hanna took her for a few trips down the slide. She loved that too!

Now for the swimming. Sof loves the water but she is still not use to her male
swim teacher. So there is a little apprehension. That's Maida next to her and the
mommies are sitting behind them.

OK, here we go.....under the water.....

and then to your back...Hmmmm, not liking this too much.

Nope, definitely not liking it!

She did warm up a little later and actually did very well.
I have some exciting news.
Me and my Hubby are flying to Washington in a week and
a half to see our grandson's. We decided there was no way we could wait
until Christmas to see them again. Plus, we haven't seen our son-in-law, Kyle, in
10 months. I think we are going to freeze our fannies off, but oh well!
I am taking Bre to the big FUNKY JUNK SISTERS
vintage flea market Girl's Night Out while we are up there. We can hardly
wait to go. A few of my Washington friends are meeting us there too.
I'll be sure to take pictures and put them on my blog when I return.
Wishing you all happy week.
XOXO Nancy

Q. What are ghosts' favorite kind of streets? A. Dead ends

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