Sunday, October 4, 2009


SO maybe some people ( I won't mention any names) may think I'm a little over the top with the Halloween decorations.....but I say, hey, where's your Halloween spirit?? Don't you get bored of looking at your same old everyday home decor? Isn't it fun to change things up once in a while? Get a new look going. Rev up the 'ole homestead?
It's a new season.....leaves are changing colors, there's a little chill in the air, it's getting dark earlier, and the stores are full of Halloween.
You gotta love it!!
I couldn't resist these mini skulls and skeleton hands from Dollar Tree.
My Hubby though they were candy!!

Can't forget the eyeballs.
My lousy camera just doesn't do this picture (or any of the other ones for that matter) justice. Our outside entry way is all lit up with orange lights. Here's my skeleton tree.
Yes, I did finish up about 14 necklaces. I'm not real proud of the way the soldering
looks on the back of them. But thankfully, that part won't show when the
necklace is being worn.

Remember that dinner party I told you about where each couple was to
bring 4 - $5 bills and show up at 5pm sharp? Well, it turned out to be a
really fun evening. There were 6 couples and we picked names out of a
cup for 4 teams of 3. We weren't allowed to be on the same team as our
spouse. Each team was given $30 in cash and we had one hour to go out
and purchase $30 worth of prepared food of our choice to share for dinner.
The team who got back first with the least amount of change left would be the
winner. We had to show our receipts.
What fun! We ended up with Chinese, BBQ, Pizza, Cake, Cookies and Chips & Salsa.
The best part was that there were no dishes to do at the end of the evening!!
Another wonderful weekend of memories made. Got to spend this evening with our daughter, Jami and her family. Mike BBQ'd delicious Filet Mignon steaks, asparagus and cheesy potatoes for our dinner. Hanna and I performed ballet dances for Sofia and she thought we were
pretty funny.........and we were!
Happy Sunday to all and to all a good-night!
XOXO Nancy


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great idea for a party! Fun! Your necklaces are great, and I LOVE your jars with the sweet Halloween trims. I love Halloween!

Jami Lindberg said...

Ummm, please do not forget that the hot pink necklace is mine!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Love the apothecary jars filled with goodies so fun:)