Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The bAD wIFe



Yesterday was my sweet HUBBY'S 56th BIRTHDAY!!!
I was so busy getting everything ready for his birthday dinner party......
I was the bAD WiFE and forgot to dedicate a blog post in his honor.
SOOOOOOooooooo...better late then never,
Here's to the man of my dreams, my best friend,
my soul mate, my spiritual leader,
the love of my life.
This little guy started out cute and that has not changed (much) in 56 years!

We met and started dating when we were in high school.
His Dad was a Captain in the Navy and got stationed to Whidbey Naval Air Station
in my hometown (I was a native), Oak Harbor, WA.
The first week of our Sophomore year in high school I spotted him in the
hallway and not having ever met him, I knew he was "the one".

It was only a few months later when we had our fist date.
Here we are at our first Homecoming dance. Don't you love those
shiny white nylons of mine!!

Six years later we were married at Whidbey Naval Chapel in front of 300 guests.

Best of all, he still "thrills" me 35 1/2 yrs. later!

So last night, with 9 of our dearest AZ friends and family,
we raised our glasses in a toast to Frank.

We served him his favorite desert, cheesecake........

.......sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY......

....and thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

Here's a short recap of the celebration:
Our son-in-law, Mike, BBQ'd the steaks

Brent Smith enjoying some wine

Jami and Rosi VanEken hanging out on the patio

Bill Eschmann and Chuck VanEken

Erica Eschmann and Sue Smith

Yours Truly!

This morning I decided to try again to find some bedroom lamps to go with
our new bedding. I had a bunch of errands to run and was heading past
my favorite haunt, Home Goods, so thought I'd run in and see if
just maybe they had some new lamps in stock.
BAM!!! There they were sitting side-by-side......and for a great price too!
I snatched them right up.
So, do you like them?

The shades are a little on the dark side but I think I like the contrast. I've decided to keep them since I really like the base. And besides, I'm tired of driving all over the valley to find something I liked and that would work in the bedroom. So they are staying!
Now I must get off my computer as my Hubby wants to watch our Netflix movie, Firestorm.
Tomorrow afternoon we are hosting a Happy Hour for all of Hubby's Thursday golf group and their wives.........nothing like two parties in one week!
Nightie Nite.........XOXO Nancy


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Happy birthday frank and blessing to his VERY GOOD wife !!!

Deb said...

Happy birthday Frank. Looks like you had a great celebration. You are far from a Bad Wife!!!!!