Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankful for being able to enjoy this yummy Thanksgiving Buffet
at Bolerro's at Seville Country Club with our family.
Since I am flying out early tomorrow morning for a wedding
in Texas, we decided to all go out for our dinner this year.
It was a beautiful, but windy 80 degree day here is Arizona.
Actually, it was a special treat for me to not have to cook a
big meal this year....and especially NOT to have to clean it up!
Isn't this turkey amazing. It is made completely out of butter.

Hanna was happy because they also had a children's buffet of
chicken tenders, pasta and french fries.
We thought the watermelon carvings were pretty cool too.

Here we are from back right...our son-in-law, Michael
his mom, Yvonne
my mom, Betty
my Hubby, Frank
our granddaughter, Hanna
our oldest daughter, Jami
our youngest grandchild, Sofia

Sofia looked so cute in her little outfit.....

didn't take her long to get her hands on her
favorite food, bread!
Mom with her great-granddaughters

Sadly, we didn't get to have our daughter, Bre and her family with us this Thanksgiving. But they will be here for Christmas.
Caden is finally starting to feel better from the H1N1 flu and we are certainly thankful for that.
I will be taking a few days off from my blog since I will be in Texas for a family friend's wedding.
Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday.
Now we will be focusing on getting ready for Christmas.
Wow, how time flies!!
(already took down my Thanksgiving decorations and have my tree up but not decorated)
OK, now I MUST go get out of this incredibly tight waist pants!
(Hmm, I don't remember them being this tight when I put them on earlier today)
XOXO Nancy

Monday, November 23, 2009

H1N1---OH NO!!!!

Yep, he's got it......our sweet grandson, Caden, was
diagnosed this morning with the H1N1 flu.
He's been sick for about a week now and has been coughing through the night. So Bre took him to the Dr.'s this morning. Poor guy is miserable. No appetite, no energy and just feels lousy. Nothing much the Dr. could do for him. Just Tylenol and cough medicine for now and lots of prayers for a quick and complete recovery. The rest of the family have been struggling with colds and coughs and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they don't come down with it too.
I think they all need to just get on a plane and come down to our warm, sunny weather, some homemade chicken noodle soup and Papa and Gigi's hugs and kisses!

Meanwhile, Jami, Mom and I went to a Christmas boutique this past weekend. This darling
gal is the owner of Chateau Couture. Her booth was so great. She had so many cool items for sale.

I loved her canvas art. They were really big and colorful.
And expensive!

Look how she embellished this tree form.

Now who wouldn't love this headboard?

Then there was this cake booth.......YUM!
She makes the cutest cakes. Her cake pops on a stick were delicious!!

This booth sold these great banners.

A young high school girl is the artist behind these embellished wooden boxes.

No, the artwork was not for sale....but all the delicious decorated sugar-cookies and
cinnamon rolls were.

I am really having fun making these headbands. It's so fun to use all the different colored
ribbons and jewels. After the boutique we went over to Mesa to have lunch at
"Sweetcakes" of our favorites! While we were ordering our lunch the girl behind the
counter commented on how much she liked Jami's headband. Jami, being the salesgirl that she is, wasted no time in telling her that her mom makes and sells them and that we just happen to have a bunch of them in our car if she wants to see them!!
Well, she bought one. LOL!
What would I do without my daughter? She could sell ice to an Eskimo!
I, on the other hand, hate the selling part.
Any-ho, here's some close ups.

Oh, and big news, I finally got my studio cleaned up....AGAIN! Hey, it is big takes
me all day cause it's such a disaster. Honestly, I can't figure out how I make such a mess.
Gotta go now. Have a good week. Is your turkey thawing??????
XOXO Nancy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pumpkins, Pilgrims and Peanuts!

My dining room table is decorated,
but no turkey in sight!
Just pumpkins, a pilgrim and....


I've been practicing with my new camera. I haven't had a chance to tweek them in Photoshop but I think they still look really good. The girls came by this afternoon and I was able to snap a few pics of them.
Today I managed to make 7 new canvas art pieces.
Three were special orders and the rest are for the Dec. 3rd boutique I am in for Shea Home Employees.
I just want to make a few more headbands and then that's it for the year. I will take December off to enjoy the holiday with my family.
Well, I say that, but I'm not sure if I can stay out of my studio that long. I think this need to create is a curse. I can't seem to stop.
Sure hope there is always someone out there to buy it up or my Hubby is going to take the checkbook away from me!
Hubby BBQ's Filet Mignon steaks for us tonight
and we enjoyed them outside on our patio,
by candlelight!
Now he is headed to bed as he has a bad cold
and feels yucky. Poor guy.
I'm off to another boutique (as a shopper this time)
in the morning with my daughter and mom.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
XOXO Nancy

Saturday, November 14, 2009


OK, so normally I would look for a MUCH more attractive
model to show off my new headbands, but since
all the cute girls are busy on a Saturday
I just think you get a much better idea of how
fun these are and how anyone (even an old brod like me)
can wear these.
Oh, and by the way, these pics are
taken with my NEW CAMERA!
I am still working on getting
just the right shot, but for now these aren't too bad.

These are for sale for $25 each, except for a few that
have a large pearl & rhinestone encrusted broach and those
sell for $30. I will be taking these with me to
the December 4th Christmas Boutique for Shea Home Employees.
I'm off to have dinner with Rosie and my mom and then
we are attending the Anita Renfro performance at church.
Have a great weekend.
XO Nancy

Thursday, November 12, 2009

YIKES!!!! WHaT wAs I tHInKinG ????

Major excitement this afternoon when I opened
my front door to let some fresh air into the house....
and sitting in front of my door was this box!!

*YAHOOOOOO!!! It's here!

My brand spank'in new
Cannon EOS Rebel!
I am SO excited!!
What was I thinking?? What happened to the
advertisement that said it's so easy to use?
What's with the 1, no 2, no 3 direction disks?
Oh, I think I'm in big trouble. Looks like
I may be looking for a class on how to use
this dang thing. Shucks, and I wanted to take
the following pictures with it.
Oh well, you will have to endure my little compact
point and shoot a little longer while I try to
figure out this new camera.
This is what I worked on today.

Headbands. Since so many women are wearing these
I thought I would jump on the band wagon and
create some .

I have a few more to show you but hope
to have them posted with my new camera.
If anyone has any tips to help me out,
I want to thank all of you who have so kindly left me all the
wonderful, positive comments regarding the boutique I was
just in. So nice to know someone is really reading my blog!
It goes without saying that I adore each and everyone of you
and spend hours of enjoyment following your blogs.
OK, so now I must get in the kitchen
and feed Hubby before he starves to death...
he is gaunt and wants to be gorged!!
Have a great evening.
XOXO Nancy