Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankful for being able to enjoy this yummy Thanksgiving Buffet
at Bolerro's at Seville Country Club with our family.
Since I am flying out early tomorrow morning for a wedding
in Texas, we decided to all go out for our dinner this year.
It was a beautiful, but windy 80 degree day here is Arizona.
Actually, it was a special treat for me to not have to cook a
big meal this year....and especially NOT to have to clean it up!
Isn't this turkey amazing. It is made completely out of butter.

Hanna was happy because they also had a children's buffet of
chicken tenders, pasta and french fries.
We thought the watermelon carvings were pretty cool too.

Here we are from back right...our son-in-law, Michael
his mom, Yvonne
my mom, Betty
my Hubby, Frank
our granddaughter, Hanna
our oldest daughter, Jami
our youngest grandchild, Sofia

Sofia looked so cute in her little outfit.....

didn't take her long to get her hands on her
favorite food, bread!
Mom with her great-granddaughters

Sadly, we didn't get to have our daughter, Bre and her family with us this Thanksgiving. But they will be here for Christmas.
Caden is finally starting to feel better from the H1N1 flu and we are certainly thankful for that.
I will be taking a few days off from my blog since I will be in Texas for a family friend's wedding.
Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday.
Now we will be focusing on getting ready for Christmas.
Wow, how time flies!!
(already took down my Thanksgiving decorations and have my tree up but not decorated)
OK, now I MUST go get out of this incredibly tight waist pants!
(Hmm, I don't remember them being this tight when I put them on earlier today)
XOXO Nancy

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