Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis The Season...HOORAY!!!

Christmas is coming......I am so happy. I love, love, love Christmas time.
Twinkling lights
Decorated Trees
Christmas Songs
Yummy Goodies to Eat
Fancy clothes
The Smell of Pine and Cinnamon
Family and Friends
Chilly Nights
Celebrating the Birth of Christ
It all makes for the most wonderful season of the year!
I have so much to tell you from the past 5 days. We just returned late last night
from a wedding in Texas. We had a great time and I have a ton of pictures to share
but I am just too pooped to get them all posted tonight.
So I am leaving you with these pictures I took in a darling store, "The Dove's Nest" in
Waxahachie, Texas yestersday. (More on that later)

and this windmill located inside the Rogers Hotel.

Hubby did get our outside Christmas lights up today. He had on shorts and a T-shirt as it was 70 degrees out. A real switch from last night when we were sitting at the Southwest Airlines gate in El Paso, TX, in the snow, getting our plane de-iced!!!!
Now I must finish going through three days of mail, fold the laundry and get to bed.
Good Night ~ XOXO Nancy

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Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Nancy,

I too love this time of year! What a charming shop! I love the display with the red and aqua...so very charming!

Love and hugs,