Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jewelry For Your Head

These are the results of last nights work in my studio...
they are like "jewelry for your head".
I'm getting a little carried away with these headbands. They are so enjoyable to make that it is hard to stop. I took these up to the Scottsdale show today and sold 5 of them.

So, back to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Hubby, our daughter, Jami and granddaughter, Sofia and I all flew to Dallas for a wedding. We rented a car and after visiting the Dealey Museum where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in 1963 (it was so interesting and moving to see the exact place where Oswald crouched to shoot), we drove 2 hours south to a little Texas town called Clifton. The next morning Jami and I took off to look for a place that might sell espresso. We were doubtful since we were so far out in the sticks and in such a small town.......but the fates were smiling on us and lo' and behold we saw a little sandwich board on the sidewalk that included espresso on the menu...HOORAY!!

After admiring this antler embellished Christmas wreath...

we hurried in to order. It was a battle of sheer restraint to NOT order one of their freshly baked homemade cinnamon rolls. Instead we ordered our latte's and eggs and hash browns! Hey, were else can you get two eggs, hash browns and homemade whole wheat toast for $4?

I just fell in love with this gigantic watercolor on their wall.

That afternoon it was off to the wedding. I didn't realize until I got back home that I forgot to take pictures of the ceremony. I'm so bummed cause it was beautiful. The bridesmaids wore floor-length strapless black gowns with turquoise sashes that hung long in the back.

Our sweet Courtney Guillory is now Mrs. Daniel Dill.

Bride and Groom with bride's mom, Genanne

Kirk and Genanne, parents of the bride, Courtney

OK, is there NOTHING this darling girl CAN'T do??
She has an absolutely beautiful singing voice and here she is
singing to her husband!! AND, her three brothers are playing guitars in the band!!

Brother #2, Bennett....don't ya just love the big black
cowboy hat. He had the bottom of his tuxedo pant legs tucked into
his cowboy boots! So funny!

Father-Daughter Dance

Sofia and Jami enjoying the party

We all lit sparklers when the newlyweds left the reception.

Great Celebration with Wonderful Friends

SO a little side note about this incredible Guillory family.
Kirk and Genanne have seven (that's right, I said 7 children.
Three girls and four boys...ages 8 to 23.
They live in a huge house that looks like a vacation lodge.
All the kids are home schooled by Genanne.
All play instruments.
All have great singing voices.
One has graduated from college, one is in college and the
rest are still at home.
ALL are kind, outgoing, committed Christian kids.
I'm telling you this family just makes you feel good to be around. In fact, they are so special that we have invited the whole family to come to our house for Christmas this year....and I think they are
coming!!! How fun that will be.
I think I better start baking now!
But first I need to get the rest of my Christmas decorations up, shopping done, cards sent, gifts wrapped....
but first I am off to the Tempe Arts & Crafts Festival with Jami in the morning!

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