Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is arriving in the mail and on airplanes!

After forgetting to check our mailbox for 3 days...
look what was waiting for me!
This is the darling little pinkeeper that I won from
Viv's give-away.
He's handmade from Viv and as cute as can be.
I quickly found a cozy spot for him on our tree.

But as soon as Christmas is over he will be residing in my studio.

I spent one day last week baking 11 1/2 dozen cookies for all our
Christmas company.

I'm pretty sure that between the 4 grandkids, two son-in-laws and daughters, and
the 6 Guillory kids, these cookies will disappear quickly.

On Friday the whole family attended Hanna's kindergarten Christmas play.

She got to play the tambourine and knew all the words to all the songs and]
all the hand motions. The whole class really did an outstanding job.

The play was so cute.

Hanna was completely surprised when her cousins showed up at her performance.

They love to be together.
Sofia has taken a special liking to her cousin Coleman.

She thinks all these loud, crazy boys are pretty funny!

Especially when they dance for us.

Hubby and I are the happiest when we have all our kids and grandchildren together.
These are such special times and all of us really enjoy spending time together.
Our family will be complete on Tuesday evening when our son-in-law, Kyle arrives and then
we can really "get this party started"!
Now I must head to bed as I have exercise at 5:30 AM and then our company starts arriving for Christmas.....the Guillory family of 8!
XO Nancy

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Sandy Michelle said...

Yummy cookies and aren't children's Christmas plays the best! So nice that you attend as well because not many GrandParents do. Have a fabulous Christmas Nancy!

Sandy xox