Monday, December 14, 2009

OH MY GOSH I WON !!!!!!!

Tonight I finally had a chance to open my
blogspot. I saw that I had a comment from one of my favorite blogger/artist, Vivian, of Viv On A Whim
She has a wonderful blog and she is hoot! AND she is an awesome creator. I love EVERYTHING she makes.
ANYWAY.... she had a giveaway and guess who won???

No kidding! I won this adorable little snowman pinkeeper.
I feel like I just won the LOTTO!!
can you tell I'm thrilled.
OK, OK, I need to calm down

Alright, this past week was NUTS! We had 6 parties in 8 days and went out to dinner with friends one night and last night we attended a Christmas Choral Concert. All were great, but the best was our
3rd Annual Christmas Progressive Appetizer Party
(that's a mouthful)

We invited 40 people of which about 34 made it. Everyone started at our house and we progressed over the next several hours through 4 more homes. It's always a great time even if we are a little slow getting out of bed the next morning.

These two lovely ladies are my dear friends, Sue and Rosie.

We were able to enjoy being outside around the firepit at two of the houses.

You can tell by the picture that Hubby was having a great time.

So we are well into the party by now...

Marty and Sue were our two resident gimps. Both had surgery on their foot and had just gotten their cast off and now are wearing these big boot things. To keep in the spirit Marty came with twinkling Christmas lights wrapped around his boot.

Now it's time to get serious and get some major baking done. My daughter and her two boys arrive this Thursday evening. On the 22nd our son-in-law, Kyle, along with our friends the Guillory family (with 6 of their 7 kids) arrive. Tomorrow night I am taking a class to learn how to stamp on silver jewelry. We have another party this Wed. and then I am attending a cookie swap and have to take 3 dozen cookies to that. Luckily I will come home with just as many!
So tomorrow the flour and sugar will be flying, but the house will smell good.
Oh, and I broke tradition today.
Don't hit me......
I sent EMAIL Christmas cards.
I know, I know, you are all clucking your tongues in disgust. But there is no way that I can get it together to get a picture taken, get cards printed, write a Christmas letter and get them all addressed and mailed before Dec. 25th.
So I downloaded IncrediMail
and sent a picture Christmas email card.
So there you have it. Zip, seal, stamp, THE END!

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Sandy Michelle said...

GIRL I thought I was busy but I was wrong! I'm glad you are having so much fun though! Your guests looked like they were having a great time! I e-mail my Christmas cards sometimes too. Hey, you can't do it all :) Congrats on the win! Viv's creations are DEVINE!

Sandy xoxo