Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting In The Spirit

Angels we have heard on high,
Sweetly singing ore the plains.......
I just love my Angel tree topper. She has
tiny fiber optic feather wings that glow
different colors. So heavenly.
Our Christmas tree is always the best holiday
decoration in our house. I load it with ornaments, birds,
ribbon, poinsettias, feathers, glittered words and anything
else I can get my hands on. Good thing it is only a half
tree or I would never have enough room to store everything!

So, this year I get done with the tree and the rest of the
house just doesn't seem to be coming together like I would like it.
I can't figure out just what the problem is (me, maybe) but I'm
not feel'in the love in the rest of the decor.

I'm usually much more over the top with the decorations....maybe that's it...I just need more! Anyway, I'm thinking that I may be changing things up a little tomorrow to look a little more festive.
We are having a big Christmas Progressive Appetizer Party (our 3rd annual) this coming Sat. so I want the house to look good. Any suggestions?
Meanwhile, I am headed to my closet to figure out what in the world I am going to wear to the 5, that's right, I said FIVE, Christmas parties we are invited to this week!
and would you please say a quick prayer for my daughter, Bre and her family. Her husband, Kyle and son, Caden are both very sick with the stomach flu. Caden just recovered from the swine flu and now is sick again. Actually, Bre thinks Kyle has the swine flu now. Coleman is in the recovery mood from two days of the same thing.
Makes for a very long week for mommy.
Wishing everyone a good week.


Lenae May said...

Gorgeous reds, Nancy!! Very Christmassy!
Season's Greetings to you!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the red ornis on your tree and your decor is fabulous! Have fun at your FIVE parties and I will pray for your daughter's family!!! My son had the swine flu and it was really scary.