Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally got around to putting up my Fall/Halloween decorations.  After decorating at the store
(Designer Blvd.) all day I never seem to have much energy left to do my own house.  But I knew if I purchased these wonderful velvet pumpkins they would give me the inspiration I needed to get started.
Well actually I just finally told myself to get my lazy butt up off the couch and get'r done!!
So there you have it!  Now all I need to do is get my mop and dust rag out and get some house cleaning done. 
On Sunday my Hubby took me to see "Sinbad" perform his comic act.  Honestly, if you get the chance to see him you MUST go!  He is hysterical and puts on a totally clean show.  We laughed for an hour and 45 minutes straight.  Amazing how he takes everyday occurrences and makes them funny.  He talked a lot about 50 and older couples and after a while I was really starting to wonder if he had been hiding in our house to obtain all his material.
Last night was a big night for me.....the season opener of "The Good Wife."  It's my favorite show, next to "Castle" and I have been waiting for months for it to start up again.  We just got DVR so I won't have to miss any episodes!
Time for me to get to work.   We are pricing and getting ready for our store's Christmas Open House the middle of next week.  I know, Christmas the beginning of October, what was she thinking!  Have a great day!
XOXO Nancy

Friday, September 17, 2010


When you play with get bruises!!!
Sure.....they look innocent enough.  But when I see them come charging towards me in a game of "chase," I feel like I need to run for the hills!!!  I kid you not, they leave bruises!!!  I love them to death but I have learned (the hard way) that boys are PHYSICAL.  I have one sister (no brothers) and two daughters and two nieces, so these boys are a true novelty.  They crack me up in more ways then one!! LOL!!
Hubby and I have been enjoying a week with our daughter, Bre and her family.  Bre just started a new business called, "TWISTED PETALS".   She makes these amazing headwraps.  One size fits toddlers through adults.  Check it out on Facebook ....Twisted Petals.
Being the devoted mother that I am, I have spent the past five days either shopping for fabric, ironing wraps or sewing the outside seams of almost 200 headwraps!!
She makes them in school, college and professional team colors too!
This evening I decided to try my hand at making paper flowers.  Since I didn't have any paper bags available I used my grandson's roll of craft paper.
After a lot of tearing and twisting I ended up with these.  After seeing the piles of torn paper all over the floor, Cole decided it looked like fun and join in.  His flower is the one on the top right....not bad for a 7 yr. olds first try!

These are fun to make.  No two are alike and you really can't make a mistake.
Well, I sure can say that I have kept my hands busy this week.  Hubby and I got to take Caden to his first day of Pre-Kindergarten.  He was totally excited and not the least bit sad to leave us and head into school.
Cole had already started 2nd grade a few days before we arrived.  But we did get to meet his new teacher today (he changed rooms) and he was thrilled.  Cole managed to bring home his first cold of the school year of which he has shared with Brean and I.  UGH!!   So it's off to bed early for me.  Hoping tomorrow brings a little less head congestion.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Geez, I'm realizing what a slacker I've been when it comes to my blog. Seems like when I think about sitting down to post I don't have anything creative to show and tell.  So I just end up reading everybody else's blogs.  I have been working on some jewelry for the store I work in though.  We have this large container that we throw all our broken jewelry into.  Since it was so full it was starting spell over I decided to bring it home and see what I could create.  As you can see, I had lots of options!
 I ended up making several pieces, but only got a few pictures.  Some of these were not completely finished when I snapped the photos.
On a whim, I decided my studio lamp needed some accessories, so I added the little bird, black ribbon, peacock feather and broach.
So that's it for today.  I actually was suppose to work all day today, but I woke up at 2 AM this morning so dizzy and nauseated I could hardly function.  I did manage to get to work but had to head home to bed after 30 minutes.  I finally crawled out from under the covers a little while ago and am still trying to shake it.  I have very LITTLE patience with illness so sure hope this is gone by tomorrow!