Friday, September 17, 2010


When you play with get bruises!!!
Sure.....they look innocent enough.  But when I see them come charging towards me in a game of "chase," I feel like I need to run for the hills!!!  I kid you not, they leave bruises!!!  I love them to death but I have learned (the hard way) that boys are PHYSICAL.  I have one sister (no brothers) and two daughters and two nieces, so these boys are a true novelty.  They crack me up in more ways then one!! LOL!!
Hubby and I have been enjoying a week with our daughter, Bre and her family.  Bre just started a new business called, "TWISTED PETALS".   She makes these amazing headwraps.  One size fits toddlers through adults.  Check it out on Facebook ....Twisted Petals.
Being the devoted mother that I am, I have spent the past five days either shopping for fabric, ironing wraps or sewing the outside seams of almost 200 headwraps!!
She makes them in school, college and professional team colors too!
This evening I decided to try my hand at making paper flowers.  Since I didn't have any paper bags available I used my grandson's roll of craft paper.
After a lot of tearing and twisting I ended up with these.  After seeing the piles of torn paper all over the floor, Cole decided it looked like fun and join in.  His flower is the one on the top right....not bad for a 7 yr. olds first try!

These are fun to make.  No two are alike and you really can't make a mistake.
Well, I sure can say that I have kept my hands busy this week.  Hubby and I got to take Caden to his first day of Pre-Kindergarten.  He was totally excited and not the least bit sad to leave us and head into school.
Cole had already started 2nd grade a few days before we arrived.  But we did get to meet his new teacher today (he changed rooms) and he was thrilled.  Cole managed to bring home his first cold of the school year of which he has shared with Brean and I.  UGH!!   So it's off to bed early for me.  Hoping tomorrow brings a little less head congestion.


Sandy Michelle said...

I hear ya on the rough housing! My Son is the same (he looks just like the boy in the second picture you posted btw)My Son was also not the least bit sad to go to school! You and Bre did a wonderful job on the head bands!


Lenae May said...

Hi Nancy!
You look like you've been a busy girl!! The head wraps are a wonderful idea! Does she have an Etsy store? They would probably do well there.
I wanted to drop in and let you know that your in the HAT for my drawing!
Thank you for participating, Nancy!