Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Creating Again!

 Today was spent getting our daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons to the airport for their flight back to Washington state after a 12-day stay.  Then back home to take down all the inside and outside Christmas decorations, change all the beds and clean the house.  After all that who has the energy for a well balanced home cooked meal?  Not me!!!  So I  headed for a yummy dinner of "2" homemade cinnamon rolls swimming in warm butter...MMMmmmmmm!  Not great for the figure, but man does it taste great!
Awhile back I gathered together some old jewelry that my mom doesn't wear anymore, some from my deceased aunt and some of mine.  I had a pretty good sized pile.  Some pieces were broken, some missing stones and some very cool vintage pieces.  I decided to make some necklaces for myself and my daughters.  Here are a few of the finished pieces.  

This necklace includes my 83 yr. old mother's high school graduation watch she received from here parents in 1945.  I just love this!  I incorporated several vintage pieces from my aunt.

This piece also has one of my mom's old watches in it.
Mom obviously likes small watches!  I really like the big pearl earring in the middle.
All the necklaces have broaches, earrings, pieces of necklaces and bracelets, charms and beads in them.
I made 2 more but my daughters have them so those pictures will have to be posted later.  I had so much fun creating these that I think I may start doing this for other people who want to use their family jewelry to create a new heirloom.
     Next week starts a NEW work schedule for me.  I am cutting back to 2 days a week.  
     I am so excited to have time to get back into my studio and get my hands busy
     creating fun stuff!         

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casey aubut said...

Jami showed me the piece you made for her for Christmas. You are AMAZING! If the offer is still good- I would love to take you up on the Sewing lessons! :)