Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Snowman Won't Melt!

I am so excited about my new creation!  In fact, I am having a hard time gathering all my thoughts into a cohesive sentence.  So much to show and tell.  Yesterday I spent the day up in Scottsdale taking this snowman class from the Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.  I have been following her blog for a couple years now and when I saw that she was offering her FIRST home-based class I jumped at the chance.  I really mean "Jump" up and down, waving of the arms, hollering and dancing around kinda jump!!!  Not only was I going to finally meet her in person, but I was going to get to see her darling house.  I have seen a few pictures of her beautiful home on her blog but to be able to see it in person AND decorated for Christmas, well OMG!!!!  Take a look:
 Keep in mind that Karen has made just about everything in her house!  AMAZING!
 Check out what she did around her TV.
 She made these pillows.
Her house smelled SOOOO good.  She had baked chocolate chip cookies for us.
 Here's her freakin cute!!
 Karen made all those shadow boxes.....any everything else that's to die for.
Now, back to the class.  Here we are in her workroom getting started.
 A little handmade winter wonderland above us!  Honestly, she thought of everything!
 My first experience with CelluClay.
 A quick trip to the backyard for some sanding on our snowman bodies.
 Miss Karen.
 My guy!
 The rest of the groups....

 Me and the Devine Miss Karen
Can't wait to see what she offers for her next class!
Today we went to church and then home to finish up some Christmas gifts, do some wrapping, spend time with my mom, cook dinner for my hubby (first time in about 2 weeks) and catch up on my blog.  Now I need to to get to bed and get my beauty sleep for work tomorrow morning.  Oh and UGH, I start back at exercise at 5:30 am too!  This staying in shape stuff is for the birds.


Karen Valentine said...

Oh Nancy! You are tooo sweet! I had such a wonderful time meeting you, and hosting the class was just the most wonderful experience. You guys made me want to do it again and again and again!!! Now that I know about your blog I will send everyone over to check you out!!!! I went through my pics this morning. I'd love to do a post today, so maybe I can just borrow a couple off of your blog????
Have a wonderful week sweetie and a very Happy Christmas! Let's keep in touch!

Eileen said...

Hi Nancy! This class was so much fun, and I am so glad to have met you. Karen is a delight, and such an inspiration. Your snowman turned out beautiful, and it was such a great day to spend the day. I am crossing my fingers that she does a class again....... :-) Have a great week!

blumensnapdragon said...

Nancy! I love how your snowman turned out and I am so happy I got to meet you! I found your stories of all the theme parties you attend so hilarious. We hope we can get together again soon.

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow you are so lucky girl! Her house is gorgeous and I LOVE what you guys made! Thanks so much for your support with my book too. It means so much to me!

Sandy xox