Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Thinkin Christmas in August

OK, it was 104 out today and I'm in my studio creating these Christmas birds! And after a couple hours I was actually getting excited thinking about all the cool Christmas decorations that will be coming into stores, the lights, the music. Yikes!
Looking at these pictures I am deciding that I really need a new camera. When I check out other blogs their pictures are so perfect. Hmmmm, wonder how I can convince Frank that a new camera is a necessity. Until then, sorry for the not too clear pics.

In the middle of working on these birds today, I accidently knocked a whole paper plate of very fine silver glitter ALL OVER MY DESK! And I mean "all over". What a mess!! I don't think I will ever get it all cleaned up. When I went in to my bathroom a couple hours later and walked by the mirror, I realized I even had glitter on my teeth. Geez!

Next project today was working on getting some of my soldered charms ready for solder.
I will be adding some hanging pearls and crystals to the bottom of each piece.

We've hit another milestone with baby Sofia and so I just had to pop this picture of her in.
She even has two bottom teeth, says Da-da and Papa, rolls all over the place and sits up on her own. A real doll but oh how I hate to see her grow so fast. I just adore this baby stage and wish it could last forever.
A little update on our daughter, Bre. She is still not seeing well out of her one eye. We are hoping that will improve by Wed. when she goes in for her next MRI. We're happy that we will be flying up in two weeks for a visit.
I think tomorrow will be a liesure day for me and after running a few errands in the morning I plan on floating around our pool all afternoon. Happy Monday everyone!
XOXO Nancy


Deb said...

Your birds are wonderful, but the baby beats them. Keeping positive thoughts for Bre.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I little bird told me you are going to do some work for Beth Yippeeee!!!