Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes, More Shopping!!

Had a nice day at work yesterday and was able to slip away right at 6pm to meet my daughter and a friend for appetizers and a drink before hitting a Holiday Boutique!
Seems like all I've been doing is shopping lately.  Can I blame it on Christmas?  I mean there are just so many great Christmas Arts & Crafts fairs to go does one pass them up!
I must admit that I didn't buy gifts for anyone else except myself.  Geez, that seems to be a pattern with me lately.  But I just couldn't resist these two amazing items.  First:
 An embellished framed chalkboard.  Loving this look.  Here's the before and the after.
Next, I snapped up this handmade framed picture.  As you can tell I am slowly tweaking my decor with a little vintage.  Hmmm, wonder where that is coming from.  Surely it couldn't be my aging!
I'm proud to say this statement truly does describe our family. I am still contemplating where I am going to hang this one.  Or maybe it will go on a shelf.  
Time for me to catch up on my blog friends posts and read my new Southern Living magazine.  Sounds like an exciting Friday night to me!!   Happy Weekend ~ XOXO Nancy


vivian said...

hI nANCY! Just trying to get caught up a bit. I guess I had missed all your posts since your halloween costumes! Your daughters are both beautiful as is your little granddaughter!
I'm struggling shop or not to shop! It wouldnt be a struggle, except that I have 14 teddy bears to make.... Yeah... I think its going to be ..not to shop...
OK.. with that said, I better go get busy!
hugs and happy weekend!

Sandy Michelle said...

Love the chalk board and the family quote! I went to a mall yesterday and it was CRAZY! You would think that Christmas was a day! Have agreat week!

Sandy xox