Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loving Burlap

 This is a new chair we are carrying in the shop and I LOVE IT!!  Actually, I'm not too sure how comfy it is, but I really like the design and the fabric.  Isn't the writing cool.
 I decided to get brave and try my hand at printing on burlap.  Took me a few times to get it right.  Since my Thanksgiving decorations are slim, thought I'd make this little Thanksgiving definition that I will frame and sit on my counter. 
 Moving on...getting's my next creation.  A burlap Thankful banner. 
 I think I need to look for more Thanksgiving decor, like a turkey or something to fill up the mantle a little better. 
 Bre is going to put her amazing headwraps and clips in a show the end of this month so I made her a banner for her booth.
Designer Blvd.'s floral designer, Sheri, made this wonderful cornucopia and I couldn't resist it!  
 Added my one and only Mark Roberts Fall Fairy.
 OK, so I'm not really sure what this little decoration is.....I just kind of grabbed some fall looking stuff and grouped it together in my black and white boxes.  Actually, I think it's a result of not giving much thought to the decorating!

Good thing I will be taking this all down in a couple's pretty lame.  But, better then nothing, right?

So if any of you want to get in on an awesome Designer Blvd. giveaway, hop over to their blog at: // and check it out.  It starts tomorrow and goes for 5 days!
Now it's time for jammies and bed!   Have a great week.   XOXO NANCY


Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Nancy!! Thank you so much for stopping by! As a matter of fact, I am from Phoenix! LOL My sister lives in Litchfield and my brother in law lives in Gilbert. So maybe I will come teach :) That would be a hoot! I am so glad you like the Gurlie...she is too cute, I could just eat her up! Maybe if I can build up a good base of students in the Metro area I will arrange a private workshop at my sister's home...It would be lovely! Thanks for giving me food for thought!LOL
Again, thanks for coming by, I love your burlap creations and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandy Michelle said...

Nancy I am so inspired by your printing on burlap! I must give it a try too. Have a great week!

Sandy xox