Monday, October 20, 2008


Couldn't resist posting this picture of my granddaughter, Hanna. She's a bit of a ham, but such a cute one!

Mike and Jami haven't wasted any time training Hanna to be a Sun Devil "Sparky" fan.

This is one of my newest hobbies (like I needed another one!). Soldering. I took a class from Beth Quinn of and have been hooked ever since. She was an excellent teacher, not to mention incredibly creative and talented. I am still mastering some of the finer getting that stupid hanger thing to get soldered on tight. But I love the creative part of putting the picture and the appropriate wording together for each piece. This picture really doesn't show the pieces well. All of them have a sprinkling of iridescent glitter in them along with a Swarovski crystal on them. The only drawback is that the silver and the soldering tool are EXTREMELY hot and I have already managed to burn myself on my finger which left me with a big 'ole blister! I have also been working on some other new things, but you will have to wait until after Nov. 1st to see them. Hee,hee....

This is typical Rosie....always HAPPY!

Gosh, how time flies when your working in your studio all day. I didn't even leave the house all day today. I think that might be a first for me. Oh, wait, I take that back. I did leave the house this morning at 5:30 to go exercise at Curves with my wonderful friend, Rosie.

Here we are trying to figure out who's stomach is bigger!
This is why we are going to Curves!!!!!

This is Rosie and her sweet husband, Chuck

We go together on Mon., Wed. and Fri. We know we would never keep it up if we didn't have to pick each other up. Besides, I wouldn't miss the ride to and from with Rosie and all her hysterical daily antics. She is a true character. This morning she picked me up going the opposite way as usual....only because she over-shot my road and had to turn around and come back to get me!! And with sunglasses on no less!!! It's dark at 5:30 in the morning, who needs sunglasses??

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