Thursday, October 23, 2008


Whoa, I do believe you can see my studio again!

Yep, I finally got it cleaned up......and just in time for my family from Washington to arrive this Saturday. We are so excited to have our daughter, Bre and her husband, Kyle and their boys, Cole and Cade coming to stay with us for a week. Since I have put bunk beds in my studio the boys will be sleeping in there. Hope those little fingers can stay out of all my goodies! I spent the major part of today cleaning an organizing the studio. I had almost forgotten how nice it looks when everything is back in it's place. I just have a couple little things to finish up tomorrow and then Frank and I will spend the rest of the day cleaning the rest of the house...UGH! I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with a ton of food to feed the troops and then had to come home and re-arrange my freezer and refrigerator in order to get everything in there. Then I spent an hour and a half doing all the laundry and ironing. So needless to say, Frank is eating heated up leftovers for dinner tonight while I crunch down a bowl of cereal. It doesn't hurt us though since we went with 8 of our friends to Bolero's at Seville (that's a beautiful private golf club by us that has the most outstanding Wed. night all-you-can-eat pasta) for a wonderful dinner. I get so excited when I know that we are going for Pasta Night. Everything is so fresh and they cook it right in front of you while you pick out your own ingredients. Yummy!!
I did manage to make a special something for my granddaughter, Hanna but I can't show it to you until later since it is a surprise for her.

Here's a picture of part of our front entry. It really looks
much better in the dark when you can see all the
purple lights and spiders!

Don't know why this one is so blurry, sorry.

Of course, what's Halloween without all the candy??? I know our little Caden will have his hands in those jars! How do you like my jar of eyeballs..........SPOOKY!
(I have a glasstop coffee table and so you can also see my books showing through)

Our big orange pumpkin has twinkling lights in it.

"Mr. Skeltie" has red eyes that light up when he's in the mood to scare someone!
"Harry" his spider friend just loves hanging around.

Have a few things out in the backyard around the pool and on the patio. As you can see I still don't have my orange lights up on the plants. Hopefully, tomorrow!!

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

If this is Halloween, I can't wait to see Christmas! (PS, I want to come stay at the Hunter resort!!! LOL!)