Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daughter's Baby Shower

It's Baby Shower Time......My daughter's friend, Carolyn and I threw Jami a shower this weekend. We were lucky enough to have Jami's sister, Bre (on the left) and my mom, Betty Ann (second from the left) in town to help celebrate. Hanna got to have her hair done by Auntie Bre and got a new dress for the occasion. She looked so pretty and was very excited to attend her first baby shower. Even Hanna received some nice gifts. We served our guests a yummy breakfast prepared by Carolyn. Then played a baby pictionary game and another game called, "How Well Do You Know Jami". All the winners got one of my soldered necklaces as a prize. Luckily, Bre was one of the winners or she would have been very unhappy to go home without a necklace!

I made all of the gifts that I gave Jami with the exception of a stroller. I didn't get pictures of the burp cloths or the Sopia name banner but will try to get them into my blog later for you to see. Here are pics of the hats I made. I just made the flower with tulle on this hat. I saw this little sewn hat in a ribbon store and thought it would be cute on Sofia when the weather warms up in March.

This one I crocheted in white and then built a flower with crystals on it and
a light pink tulle bow behind the flower.

This is my FAVORITE!!! Another crocheted one in pink this time. I also crocheted a little flower
with pink crystals in the middle and then added the big, fluffy white plum of feathers.
Can't you just see it on a sweet little baby girl's head! I can hardly wait.....hurry-up January!!

I decided to make Jami a diaper cake as a surprise and decoration for the
food table at the shower. I topped it off with a round, swarovski encrusted, pacifier holder in light and hot pink crystals. So Cute....

These cakes are fun to make and so useful too.
I think I used 70 Pampers diapers in it and two bottle.

Another gift I made is this picture. This was a first time attempt
and I was so happy with the result. I incorporated painting, stamping, scrapbook paper, transparencies, rub-ons, glitter and jewels. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do when I started, so I just created it as I went along. This is a fun way to use all your creative ideas in one project. This picture is about 36" x 24".

Here's a couple more views of it.

Unfortunately, I took these pictures before I added the iridescent glitter. It really did make the picture much prettier.

I made these little favors for all the girls that attended Jami's baby shower on Saturday. They each contained pink instant lemonade.

I added a mini cupcake paper and filled it with shredded paper and a tiny satin rosebud on top to make it look like a decorated cupcake.

It was a fun shower and my daughter received many wonderful gifts. A little sad knowing that this is it for grandchildren for us. But we are thankful that in January we will have 4 adorable grandkids to love on and spoil through the years. They are the joy of our lives (along with their parents of course) and are what keep us smiling. We just love them to death!!
Frank and I said good bye to our daughter, son-in-law and the boys this morning as they flew home to Spanaway, WA. after spending a week with us. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and doing laundry and ironing. All is finished now and we are sitting in a clean, terribly quiet house. We are already missing them. There is nothing sweeter then two little warm bodies crawling in bed with you in the morning to watch Noggin!!!
Tomorrow I will work on getting some pictures of our week together and Halloween on my blog.
Now it's time for me to hit the sack so I can get up at 5:30 to exercise...UGH!!!

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