Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Decorations......again!!

Took down Halloween and put up Thanksgiving. Gosh, time is flying by. I need to get my turkey while the prices are low. I have no idea how I'm going to get the thing stuffed into my little side freezer.

I could have sworn that I had a matching Pilgrim Girl, but haven't able to find her. I will probably come across her after Thanksgiving when I am digging out Christmas decorations. The Thanksgiving sampler is one that I cross-stitched a few years ago.

This is the latest beeswax picture that I am working on. I still need to add the beeswax, glitter and rhinestones. Sorry, the picture didn't come out very bright.....the green is actually a pretty, soft, muted yellow-green. But you get the idea!

Here are some pictures of some of the things we did with our grandkids while they were here last week. We managed to stay busy the whole time.

Lots of playing in the pool. I think this might have been noodle races. Whoa, Cole, you're going the wrong way!!

No matter how much fun you're having in the pool....there must always be a few "snack" breaks. Gotta keep that energy at 100 percent!

This was Dance Party night. We had all the outside Halloween lights lit, the outside music going, our disco ball blinking and the kids performing for us. Wow, do they have some interesting moves! You should see Coleman do the "robot"! I think our Hanna may be the next Hannah Montana!

Pumpkin pick'n day. After choosing our pumpkins we were serenaded by the owner's little miniature chauhauhau. If you look closely you can see the dogs little mouth pointing out towards us in song!!! So funny!

Everyday Papa made all of us smoothies, yum, yum! This time the kids helped him out.

Papa took our grandkids over to the park at Power Ranch to feed the ducks and play on the outside play equipment. We had to keep reminding Caden that the bread was for the ducks and not for him!!

All this playing was just too much fun for Caden.....had to catch a few Zzzzzz's on the couch out on the patio before getting back in the pool!

My mom hanging out with her great-grandkids after eating dinner at Seville's Pasta Night.

Now I need to get dinner on the table for my golfing husband. It's been another beautiful day in the the high 70's. So weird to wear capri's after living in shorts for over 6 months. Still walking around in flip-flops though. Suppose to be in the 80's this weekend!! What's really stange is hearing Christmas music on the tv. It just doesn't seem like that time of year in this heat.
Frank and I will be up and at the church by 8am tomorrow to start setting up for the Annual "Believe - A Christmas Boutique" tomorrow night. It will be a long day since the 100+ vendors come in at 3:30 and the boutique runs from 5pm to 9pm. Then back on Sat. morning at 7:45 until 2pm. I am so excited to see all the neat things that these vendors have created and to shop their booths. After we close on Sat. I am running up to Mesa to take a class on Body Image. I hope she can show me how to dress to hide the extra #'s! I'll let you know later..............Have A Great Weekend

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Bre said...

I like your new decorations..but what I thought to be so cute was your and dads little place settings for dinner at the bar!