Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Unfortunately I am still laid up with this injured shoulder. Frank and I went to dinner at Jami and Mike's last night (Jami made yummy tacos) and I came home in miserable pain. After loading up on all the painkillers, sleeping pills and icing my shoulder, it still took me an hour to calm down enough to lay still and try to sleep. Today I only left the house to attend a "viewing" of our new granddaughter at Jami's 4-D ultrasound. Sofie finally moved her hands away from her face and we were able to get lots of good looks at her darling little pudgy cheeked face. I will post pics as soon as I get them from Jami. Then it was a rush to Walmart to buy material to make a sling for my arm and then home for more pills and ice. Frank is threatening to take me to Urgent Care, but after all the research on the web we are sure that there isn't much else they can do for me with the exception of taking my money!
So I had to cancel a class I was going to take tonight and one that I was taking this Sat. and will stay home and try to move as little as possible so this shoulder can heal. This is REALLY getting in the way of my creative and social life!! Since typing is even painful I will call it a night until later.

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