Monday, November 10, 2008

Worn Out!!

This past weekend was our big "Believe ~ A Holiday Boutique" that we put on at the church with about 90 vendors. It was a great success with about 1200 people going through the boutique from Friday night through Sat. until 2:30pm. Seeing all the different talent in one large area is always like "eye candy" for me. I always marvel at the wide range of ideas that people can come up with to create. I bought several items, but I splurged on the above necklace and earrings from my favorite designer/teacher, Aasia. She lives not far from me and I have taken a class from her in her beautiful home studio. She is an incredible artist.

Here is a closer view of these unusual beads. I could have spent $1000 in her booth in 10 minutes, but I want to keep my happy home!!! Please take a moment and check out Aasia's website: she has amazing works of art there that YOU can buy!!
Yes, I am still beading, but it is fun to buy something different from someone else.

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons.........these are eventually going to be the ribbon roses that I will use in Sofia's nursery valance. I plan to make the roses in all different sizes, along with ribbon leaves and bunch them together to hold part of the tulle valance to the side of the window. Now that's what I am seeing in my head. Whether or not I can pull it off is yet to be seen! I went with Jami to her OB appointment this early this morning (always fun...and all is good with baby Sofia) and then we stopped by Z Gallery to window shop. They were in the middle of getting their Christmas merchandise out and OHHHHHhhhhhhhh so wonderful! We did pick up a cute blinged out deep purple plate that we are going to do something with for Sofia's room.

I have finished one of the many, many ribbon roses I will need for that valance. I hope to get a few more done this evening. Oh, and I did another fun thing Sat. evening after the boutique was over. I jumped in the car and drove to Mesa to take a class at Blissful Living Studio on Body Image. Rachel taught the very informative class and I learned a lot of useful tips for dressing correctly. It was so good that I am taking her "Shopping Strategies" class tomorrow night. I think this might lead to some purging of my closet and then some shopping. Oh, shucks!

So I leave you tonight as I'm sitting down to this dinner. Two boiled eggs and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. That was about all I had the energy for tonight. Good thing my husband is so understanding. I am excited that tomorrow will be the first morning out of the last 4 that I will NOT have to get up at 5:30 am. Of course, knowing me I will probably still wake up too early but at least I can snuggle back down and relax as long as I wish............the beauty of retirement!!!

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