Thursday, November 13, 2008


My three favorite things to do!!

I love days like this. Sleeping in late and then waking to the cool, fresh air streaming in through our open bedroom window. I snuggle into my warm hubby's body and listen to the birds singing knowing we don't have to get up soon since I don't have exercise this morning and Frank doesn't golf until noon. Oh, such bliss!! When we do decide to roll out into the new day I mentally take note of the list of things I want to try to accomplish today. After making my morning Mocha, reading my email, scanning the morning paper, giving Frank a haircut and throwing in a load of laundry, I'm off to shop! I have a list of craft items I need to get. As you can see I came home and finished the canvas art I had been working on.
I added blings on the tips of all the light bulbs but I still can't seem to perfect my photography skills enough to capture the pretty glitter that is on the picture. Shoot!!! It make it look so pretty.
This crown picture is pretty in pink. My plan is to make several pictures over this next 10 months and hopefully have a booth in next years holiday boutique at our church.

I finally finished the ribbon rose garland for Sofia's nursery valance today too. I hope to get over to Jami's sometime in the next few days to put up the tulle valance and attach this garland.

The picture makes the roses look more blue then purple, but they really are different shades of purple and lavender. I really am happy with how it turned out. I am anxious to see how it will look when I try to hang it. If it doesn't work I will have to find another way to use it since it is too pretty to toss.

So, back to the SHOP part of this blog....... Since I was right by DSW shoe store and hadn't been into the store in a couple months AND I had a $10 coupon, I decided to swing in since it was right in my path for craft shopping. After quickly glancing at all the new fall shoes in the front of the store I headed to the back sale rack. I always check the sale racks out because I have gotten some really wonderful buys. Well, low and behold, out jumped my favorite, comfy brand of shoes....and marked down to 80 percent off of $60!!! After using my $10 coupon I walked out with these great, orange shoes for ONLY $8.60!!!

Now I am at the ENJOY part!!

Oh, and last night we got to meet our dear friends, Ken and Peggy Hamernik from the Seattle area for dinner. They are down for 5 days with their girls, son-in-laws and one of the son-in-laws parents to vacation and see the WSU vs. ASU game this Sat. It's always a treat for us to spend time with them. They're here enjoying sunny, warm, weather. Since they flew out of horrible, rainy weather they are thrilled.
It's now time for me to get started on another crocheted baby hat. I am also building up my inventory with them for the boutique. As I sit in my comfy chair crocheting and drinking a tall glass of cold cranberry juice I am ready for Grey's Anatomy and an evening of simple ENJOYMENT................

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Mimi said...

Wow, you really are so creative!!! Love your blog and love seeing all the fun projects you are working on. It was so fun having you as my one student for the Digi class and hope you join me again someday for another fun class. Hope you get the membership, it's SO worth it!!!