Monday, November 3, 2008


Here we are in all our Halloween splendor!!! Richard Simmons was kind enough to come make some suggestions on a healthy "picnic" and how to keep the "bees" away!!

Our three little Trick-or-Treaters all decked out. Tinkerbell, Spiderman and an Incredible. We needed those two super heros to protect our sweet little Tinkerbell as they headed out into the scary, dark, night!!

I think this Incredible needs to eat a few more Wheaties!! The arms look buff but the legs could use some pumping up. No matter, he's excited to get going.

Spiderman was caught without his trusty mask.....YIKES....don't tell anyone, we wouldn't want his real idenity to get out!

Could Tinkerbell get any cutier???? Her little wings kept her fluttering through the neighborhood at top speed.

Here's the proud parents of these super heros, Kyle & Bre. All of us had just finished up a big Chili cook-off with about 18 people at Jami and Mike's house and were on our way out to get the goodies!!

This house had the coolest decorations. But the kids were a little scared to go get their treats.....we had to really coax them in. It didn't help that there was a live ghoulish person in the front of the yard digging a grave! We're nearing the end of the evening here and as you can see our little guy decided that he was getting too hot........ came his costume!!! Good thing we were back at Jami's driveway. Otherwise, we would have had our first "Trick-or-Streeker"!!!!

Wanted to pop this picture of Hanna and her Auntie Bre in. Bre had just finished doing Hanna's hair for the baby shower. Of course, Hanna thinks her Auntie Bre is the BEST!

One last pose for the camera in her new dress and shoes. All spiffed up and ready to go!

This is the SOFIA banner that I made for Jami's baby shower. I hung it today in the baby's room. We decided that the letters are hard to read so I may be making some adjustments later.

Here are a couple close ups of the banner. My photography skills leave a bit to be desired. But what is a little hard to see is the white feathers behind the silver glittered letter. They add that little extra "girlie-girl" touch.

This one has a few crystals on it. Each single triangle is different from the other. And of course, they are all covered with a light dusting of iridescent glitter! You can tell I love that stuff!!

Since I was working in the nursery today I thought you might like to see a few photos of Sofia's room. I painted the white scalloped edge and then added the glitter for a little extra sparkle. The little crown above the crib is actually a shelf that I painted and blinged out with purple crystals and then added the lavender tulle. We still need to add some writing just above the head of the crib. That's the picture I made on the right.

Here are the paper balls that I covered in MORE glitter and hung with ribbons. They add a fun dimension to the room and fill a large empty space. I made the rabbit and her clothes for Jami years ago and she has kept her. She came in handy!

I still have more to do in the baby's the window valance which I am in the middle of creating now. I never know what anything is going to look like until I finish it so I am always in a state of anticipation and concern. Luckily, I have a daughter who thinks everything I do is wonderful. That certainly makes it much less stressful for me. Little does she know what she might be missing....LOL! I'm off to watch the SNL special........goodnight!

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

You and your family are so beautiful! Remember when you and Frank and my parents would take us to grampy's as the last trick or treat stop??? Man, I was so scared I almost wet my pants each year...good memories with good friends!