Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love decorating for Easter...almost as much as Christmas.  It's so refreshing to bring out all my bright Spring decorations.  Now that I've packed Valentine's Day decor away for another year, it's time to bring in Easter. 
It also made me get some deep cleaning done.  Living in Arizona brings a continuous battle with dust.  Honestly, I can dust and an hour later it's back.  So frustrating.  The only good thing is that everyone finally just throws up their hands and lets it go.  
This year I think I have only bought one new Easter decoration (not like me).  I found this cute chick at Home Goods.  Love to shop there.  They have such great deals.  
He sits on the chest in the entry with his little basket of glittered eggs and my Happy Easter banner hanging up behind him.
I'm still looking for some pastel Easter lights to hang amongst  my banner.  Here's a few more pictures of the rest of my decorations.

 Last year I attended a class at Melrose Vintage in Phoenix and made this Easter Egg Cart. 

This little hopping bunny was the first Easter decoration I bought for our home here five years ago.  I had forgot all about him and came across him in a cupboard in my utility room while looking for something else. 

He just brings a smile to my face with his whimsical pose.  So he is now adorning my coffee table in our living room.
    One of my Easter canvas art sits atop my shelf over our TV. 
As you can see by our TV we are engrossed in the Winter Olympics.  I'm sad to see them end.  But I am happy that my favorite show, "The Good Wife," will be back on this week with a new episode.
Now it's time for me to head over to put up a wall decal for my mom.  Tomorrow is a work day for me so I know it will be fun to walk through the store and see what's new.  It's like Christmas everyday there!  Makes it hard to bring home a full paycheck.
XOXO Nancy

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