Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrate me!

I think so! 
Yesterday was my birthday.  Yep, the BIG 57!  Yikes!!!   Oh well, doesn't matter since I still feel and act like I'm 25! LOL!!
Well, my mind is a little older as I got to my party with my great camera and forgot to put the memory card in.  Total Dork!  So the birthday party pics will be posted when I get them from my daughter later.
But the day was wonderful.  We went to church then out for a nice breakfast.  Later we went to our daughter's for a big party.  Several of our family and friends were there.  Mike BBQ'd for all of us.  
Then it was present time....... I have to admit that I love presents.  Doesn't matter what's inside the package, I just love opening and the anticipation.
Feast your eyes on this incredible gift......
Is this not beautiful????
I was completely shocked and delighted.
The only bummer is that I had to take it to the jeweler today to get it sized down so I won't get it until two more days.
Hubby has definitely scored major points with me!
Here are some of the other great gifts I received....all of them so special.
My sweet granddaughter, Hanna made these fans for me.
Gee, guess she has noticed how often I have hot flashes!!!
A grand time was had by all and I am so thankful for such wonderful
family and friends.
Today Ludy Kellett, who is visiting from Washington, and I went out to lunch at Joe's Cafe and then home to lay out in the sun at our pool for 3 hours.
Now Hubby is BBQ'ing dinner and we will eat out on the patio. 
Life is certainly good!
XOXO Nancy

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Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!!! Awww I'm so glad everyone helped to make your day so special! Your comment about the fans and hot flashes made me giggle :) Happy Spring too!

Sandy xox