Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sending out Happy Heart's to all you Valentine Lovers!!
Hubby surprised me tonight by taking me out for a scrumptious dinner.  I had mentioned several weeks ago that I would like to eat at Cafe' Boa sometime.  Amazingly he remembered!!  Can't figure out how he can't remember where the car is parked, or if he closed the garage door...but he can remember a nonchalant  comment I made....probably while he was watching a ball game on TV too!  Hey, whatever, he DID remember and I love him for that!  After 35 yrs. of marriage he still has it!  Now all would be perfect IF I looked the the girlie above.......oh well, guess I'll climb into my flannel jammies and finish watching the Grammy Awards cuddled up next to my sweet Hubby!


vivian said...

happy valentines day! I already have on my flannel jammie pants and a giant stretched up holey old sweater! oh soooo sexy!
speaking of sexy... I just discovered that the darn cat is in heat! LOL!

Sandy Michelle said...

Aww see sometimes they actually do pay attention :) I hope it was a fun night!