Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coffe Table x 2

 After several months of contemplating, searching and shopping I finally took the plunge and bought a new coffee table.....well actually 2 coffee tables!
 We loved our other round black table but it just took up too much room in our not-so-large living room.   Then on the other hand it was perfect for resting your feet on.   No more foot resting on these!   The extra room won out.
Decided it was long past time to get my Valentine decorations down and a little too early for Easter so got out an old book and started crumpling up book pages. 
 I suppose the normal person would just put flowers in this little burlap bucket.....
 Took some book pages and twisted them into some flowers.
 While out shopping at one of my favorite shops in Mesa, FOUND, I picked up this cute little silver dish.  It kinda looks like one of those old trophies don'tcha think.
 Seems like everyone is making these coffee filter I couldn't be left out!
Now I'm going to curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a movie and hope this crappy sore throat goes away before it grows into something worse.  I do feel a nap coming on!


Cheryl said...

Hi Nancy,
Nice to visit your nest. Love the crumbled newspaper. What a great idea.
I never saw the coffee filter wreath!! Very cool!!! Thank you for stopping by my way..and your kind words...
Hope your feeling better soon!!!

vivian said...

hi Nancy! I have to remember to show my daughter your pics here. She loves black and white. The crumpled paper was an awesome idea! Ive been thinking about those coffee filter wreaths for a while now too. Yours turned out great! hope that sore throat didnt turn out to be anything worse!
have a happy sunday!