Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Little Glass Creation

I rounded up some girlfriends and headed back out to create some more glass fusion dishes.
We discovered that this is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends. The only problem I had was that I just couldn't seem to get my creative mojo to really kick in. I fooled around with the design of this plate forever and finally out of frustration I ended up with this. Luckily, it didn't end up costing me too much!

I used all scrap glass pieces for this. Hence, the odd looking shapes!
But hey, the colors go well in my house so guess I'll keep it.
A few of the girls had some really great creations. The best part is that
after we finish with the glass we head back to Uncle Bear's for a margarita and more girl time.
Next month we are going to try making some glass fusion jewelry pendants.

I returned last night from three days with my sweet friend, Diana. She and her family live in CA. Diana has been battling breast cancer since last summer along with a very serious and lingering bout of colitis. She has been one sick lady. On Friday morning she went in for a lumpectomy and removal of approximately 30 lymph nodes from under her left arm. She came through the surgery just fine and we will find out the pathology report this coming week when she goes back to the Dr. I have a whole new appreciation for cancer patients. Having spent one morning sitting in a room with several patients receiving their chemo through a 90 minute IV drip, most with blankets draped over them, no hair, dark circles under their eyes, pale skin, tired and weak with the knowledge that the next few days could bring nausea and was an incredibly sobering experience.
The patients were of all ages.
Cancer knows no boundaries.
I have great admiration for everyone who has ever or is now fighting this horrible disease.

I worked an 8 hour day at the store today and came home to a yummy dinner cooked by my Hubby. And he had spent most of his day caring for Sofia because Jami is sick in bed with the flu and Mike and Hanna were gone all day. I'm a lucky girl to have such a thoughtful husband.
Time to hit the sack. Tomorrow brings church and some needed R & R!
XOXO Nancy


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Thoughts and prayers go out to your friend. We are dealing with this again with my sister in law (third time around and she's not yet 50). Her courage is amazing. Blessings to you for being such a great friend to be there with her.

Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for keeping my Dad in your prayers! My Mom just fought breast Cancer and I too saw first hand it's effects. I hope all goes well with yor friend!

Thanks for entering my give-away and Good luck!!

Sandy xox