Friday, January 1, 2010


The past year has gone by so fast that it is difficult to remember all that
has transpired. It has been a good year for us. One of lots of family and friend time. We have been blessed with good health, stable finances and lots of fun.

2010, what will you bring?

In December I took a silver stamping class from Shelly Beson, jewelry designer.
She has been designing for many years. Her jewelry is to die for. I wish I could afford to buy every creation. But alas, I can't. So decided to try my hand at silver stamping.
It is actually pretty easy and really fun.

Here is one of Shelly's bracelets.
This is from one of the students in class.

Miss Shelly doing her thing.
She was a patient and fun teacher. Very generous with her ample supply of
gorgeous Swarovski crystals.

Shelly cuts all her own silver supplies. Silver stamping is just one small element of
the beautiful jewelry she creates.

This is the result of my labors.

I bought a set of alphabet stamps and will now see what else I can make.

Last night Hubby and I partied at our friend's Rosie and Chuck's daughter, Mia's home. Mia is an OB/GYN and along with her husband, Matt and two children, Maddie and Mark, they live just down the street in an incredible home. We had a great time but pooped out early and were laying in bed going to sleep when we heard all the fireworks go off at midnight.
This morning we laid in bed and watched the Rose Bowl parade and will head over to our daughter's house for a BBQ and the Rose Bowl game this afternoon.
As a side note......
today I started the HCG diet. I get to eat a lot today and tomorrow while I take the HCG drops and then on Sunday I cut back to 500 calories per day. The drops are suppose to curb your hunger (we'll see) and give you energy (I could definitely use that). But the best part is that you loose at least one pound a day. Rosie is doing it too. So I will keep you posted on how well it works. I plan to stay on until the 13th.
Wishing you showers of blessings in 2010!
XOXO Nancy

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Nancy , You did very well !! I love metal smithing ! Anything with words on it becomes more powerful . Hope you keep making more and letting us see !! I also Hope that your next year is as filled with joy as last year seemed to for you but I also know it is because you choose to always look on the bright side and I admire that . It was fun to pop in and see the joy ozzzz from you blog page !!!!. I myself plan to make 2010 AWESOME!!!!!!! My reference point will be 2009. So it HAS to be better!!! TEE HEE I thank you so much for always stopping by with caring words. It helped the emotional boo boo's heal faster. hugs Julie