Friday, May 7, 2010


OK, I'm hooked!  I'm in a Needle Felting frenzy!!!
Meet, "Lilac," she is my first bird.  Silly bird.
I experimented with wire legs and realized quickly that I need to use a much thicker wire next time. But I managed to get her to stand up anyway...skinny legs and all! 
I had a little bit of orange and yellow wool so I 
practiced making a little pumpkin too.
This is my new project.  Sorry for the poor picture
quality. I am working on the middle one.
I just finished attaching the feet. Yikes, this picture
it kind of not nice!

Now I'm working on the ears.
OOoops! I just remembered that I need to needle in some white wool down the middle of the 
underside of the ears before I attach them.
Hope to finish him this weekend.  No needling tomorrow as I work
all day. Hubby has been down on the couch for 2 days now with the respiratory flu. I know he's feeling pretty bad when he cancels his golf games!
Today I got my nails filled, shopped for a couple new tops, floated around in our pool for a couple hours and then worked on my bunny.  Love days like this. I have a ton of ironing I should be doing right now, but I really just want to read all the blogs I follow.  Man, it would be awesome to have full-time maid!
Good news:  Our daughter, Bre's MS flare-up is finally starting to calm down.  She is up and getting around now.  But they did cancel their vacation to New York in a couple weeks.  Just too much walking involved.  So they will come down and stay in our house while we go up and babysit the boys for the week.  Much less stressful for Bre that way.  
Gotta run.....the needle is calling me!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Tee Heee I little giggle popped out when I saw this little cutie... Oh I am moving back to Santa Fe..... It chews me up then spits me out then I go back again for . This will be the second time I have left and come moved back.

Sandy Michelle said...

Such adorable needle felted creations! I'm glad to hear that your daughter is feeling somewhat better. Hope your poor guy gets over the flu soon enough. Happy Mommy's Day!

Sandy xix