Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creating Again!

Geez, it's been weeks, no, maybe months, since I have created something new.  It's taken the inspiration bug a long time to bite, but it finally did yesterday.  I bought this Needle Felting Kit about 3 years ago while shopping the AZ Sewing Expo with my
dear friend, Vicki.  It was our intention to come home and figure out how to do this together. Well, more exciting things must have come up cause we never even opened the package while she was here.  Actually, I think both of us were scared to attempt it
since neither one of us had ever done any Needle Felting. But alas, I broke it open on a whim yesterday morning and worked on it all day.  After I broke 6 felting needles (hey, they are very thin and very delicate)I had to quit until I could run to Joann's this morning and buy some replacements.  
Here's the beginning of the egg being formed. It's amazing
that you can compact so much wool roving into this
small, tight ball. Not to mention how many needle pokes
in my fingers that I suffered!!!  Wow, and does that hurt!
Here I am adding some decoration to the egg.
Finishing up my little chick.
He does kind of look more like a
little yellow bird.
Just pretend he's a chick!
A few polk-a-dots and......
 Not too bad for a first attempt.
I had so much fun creating it that I managed to get online
and order a couple more kits.
Hopefully my fingers will be healed before the kits arrive.
I had a surprise visit from my two favorite little girls

They always put a smile on my face.  
Gotta run now and watch the 
Kentucky Derby.
The heck with the horses, it's all about the awesome hats all the 
ladies are wearing!!  He-he!


vivian said...

Yay!!! It turned out wonderfully! what other kits did you order? Cant wait to see. I just made a little bird last night. but He needs some working.. very plain right now!
have fun! and protect those fingers!

Lenae May said...

Awwweee!!! You seem like a pro at needle felting! Your project turned out great!
I don't do it often but when I do...I love it!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for your last comment on my blog! That was so sweet! Your felted easter egg and chick are too cute! Vivan (Viv's Whimsy) will be teaching me to needle felt for the first time in June. Can't wait cause it seems the possibilities are endless. Hugs! Sandy