Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, almost two completed.....
I just need to add whiskers.
I was excited to finally finish my needle-felted Mr. Bunny.
He was a good learning experience for me since I had to try to 
gauge equal size arms, legs and ears.  He does have one ear a little longer then the other.  (The easier to hear you with!)
 He stands about 6 inches high and only about 2 1/2 inches wide.
Last Saturday I got to take a class from the very sweet and talented,
Jennifer Hernandez of  the Polka Dot Pixie.
We would be creating her little Love Birds out of paper clay on a
paper mache box.  
  I added some iridescent glitter to mine.  It would be so cute as a cake topper.
Jennifer taught us so many techniques and tips for working and sculpting paperclay.
I can hardly wait to take another class from her.  
I have another set of love birds sculpted and now need to paint and decorate them.
On Thursday I will be heading up to Washington state to see my daughter, Bre and her family and then will babysit our grandsons for the week while Bre and Kyle vacation down here in our house.  I'm so excited to be able to spend 12 days with the boys.  Hubby and I plan to spoil them "rotten!"  
Now I need to decide what project to take with me to work on while I'm gone.
I'm thinking maybe some little yellow needlefelted chicks.
Time to start packing!

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