Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Getting Organized

 So much clutter, accumulation, disorganization...UGH!  Had to finally get motivated to get things back in order by joining the "Gitter Done" challenge by Songbird's blog.  So out with all the outdated goods (geez, some cans actually had 2006 stamped on them).
I know...seriously out of hand!!  Do I qualify as a hoarder?  This is embarrassing!  I had to call in the "big guns" to get it completely cleaned out.  I won't tell you how many trips to the trash can he made for me.  I guess if I couldn't see it I figured we were out of it...WRONG!!
TA-DA!!!  Organized and feeling good.  
I found the black fabric baskets at Target and bought the mini
chalk board tags at World Market. 
 Used my label maker for these containers.
 After the pantry I was on a roll and cleaned out several cupboards and my closet.  
I had plans to continue but had to stop abruptly and fly to Washington to help take care of Bre and her family.  She is  suffering from a bad MS flare-up.  
Guess I'll work on her pantry this week!!

1 comment:

vivian said...

wow! good for you. My cupboards are in need of a good cleaning out too!
so.. you wanna come over and do mine now?? yeah, I didnt think so. heehee.
have a great day!