Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Play

 I've been in WA for the past 7 days taking care of my grandsons and daughter who is suffering with an MS flare-up.  Lucky for me, she has a party coming up and needed some decorations made for her food table.  I just love creating without boundaries. Since her theme is birds and nests here is a peek at some of what I have been making. 
 Trying to keep expenses down, I scavengered through her cupboards and found two old candles that were burnt down to the bottom....still trying to figure out why she had them stuffed in the cupboard!  So popped the candle wax out, washed off all the black junk on the sides and it was good as new.  Added some pretty script paper, moss, feather and an egg.
Then I moved on to make one of the coffee filter wreaths.  Now I know why everyone is blogging about them!  So easy and they look awesome.
 I picked up the fattest book I could find at the dollar store and came home and started ripping pages out of it.  This is what came of some of those pages.
 Next I attacked her awesome wire bird cage that she got as a gift from one of our favorite WA stores, The Rusty Chandelier.
 Next post, burlap.
Time for me to jump into my jammies and hit the hay.


Karen Valentine said...

I miss playing like that!!! Although I have started working on some book making projects with my friend Sandy. It is fun to get my fingers messy again!! Your days of play paid off. Everything is adorable and bet your daughter loves it all!
ps. I hope she feels better soon!

Susan said...

Hi Nancy.........I somehow found your blog and love it! Nice posts. I see you live in AZ....lucky. We are looking to buy a winter place in Surprise. Have a great week. Susan

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words about my little love nest :) I see you are a paper lover and collector like me!!! Oh, it can be so hard to part with some of those treasures, don't you agree??? Hugs and thank you again, I love your creations!!! Hugs, Melissa