Monday, July 27, 2009

Paint, Stamp, Glue, Glitter

Fu-Fu, I love it. I get excited when I know that I am going to be working with it. You know, the velvet leaves and flowers, satin ribbons, sparkling crystals, spotted feathers, pink paint, and GLITTER....lots of glitter!! When I pull out my three-drawer container of canvas art supplies....well, that just makes my day!!

I was happy that I had planned to work on my canvas art today since I needed a little pick-me-up. My dear friend and exercise partner, Rosie, has gone off with her family to "Dreams" in Cancun and left me to exercise all by myself for the week. It is definitely a lot harder to get up and go to the gym by yourself and not nearly as much fun. (Not that I think the gym is EVER fun)!

Special Orders are now done and I am covered with the glitter to prove it!

Taking a little break I ran down the street to get
my hair chopped off...short! Well, okay, shorter than
the short that it already was. It's nice to have it so easy
to style, but I must admit that I think it does make me look
like I have a little head on a big body. Oh well, too late now!

Oh, and by the way, I didn't get my husband to take me out
to dinner last night. He just didn't want to go out in the
heat again. So he ate a frozen pizza and I had noodles with
Parmesan cheese....Mmmmmm.
He did take me to Cheesecake Factory all is good!

And I was THRILLED when I opened my blogspot this
evening to write another post and found that three
new readers had posted comments. Thank you. I loved
meeting each one of you and so hope you stop by again....along
with any of you new visitors. AND you KNOW I treasure your

OK, now it's time to watch Dateline. Happy Evening!
XOXO Nancy

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Karyn - (French Charming) said...

I'm a Fu-Fu Freak! You do fabulous creations with it all your Fu-Fu!
Thanks for sharing lovely lady, and I'm sure your new hairdo looks lovely!