Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, Hump Day

My daughters always have the cutest jewelry. Something darling for every outfit. I, on the other hand, seem to always be at a loss for just the right piece. BUT.....while shopping last week with my friend Ludy, I came across these two awesome necklace and earring sets. They are each so different and would definitely be a great addition to my meager jewelry collection. The above set looks like a Betsy Johnson but without the big price tag. I like that!

This silver set is truly a statement maker. The picture just doesn't do it justice as it is a very large piece that says, "Look at me, aren't I just the cat's meow"? I couldn't resist it. So unique and fun. Can't wait for the right occasion to wear it.

OK, so I said I was going to spend the week in my studio and I have stayed true to my word so far. I have been buried in flower petals for a few days now creating close to 100 Swarovski crystal embellished flowers for headbands and hats. I spent 8 hrs. gluing individual crystals on flower petals while watching TV. Something is wrong with my TV cause my favorite shows were in Spanish. I have no idea how that happened. Might have something to do with the fact that I accidentally knocked the TV off it's shelf onto the tile floor!!! Yikes!

Each flower takes about 12 crystals and at 73 flowers I finally ran out. So need to order more today. I apologize for this out of focus picture, but you can get an idea of the ones that I got done.
Some of these are really large, but that seems to be the trend right now. I plan on setting aside about 50 of these for my table at our Believe Christmas Boutique the first weekend of November. The rest will go to stores.

Today I am changing pace and working on something new for the Christmas holiday. I will give you a sneak peek, but you have to wait to see what the final creation looks like.

We got to go to dinner over at our daughter, Jami's house on Monday. She made us delicious chicken fajitas. Our dessert was this yummy white chocolate, raspberry triffle. Raspberries are my FAVORITE!

Now it's time to get back into the studio. I'm excited to work on my new creation and see how they come out. It has several steps so it may be a few days before I can show you the finished product. Hope you all have a special day. Thanks for stopping by.
XOXO Nancy

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I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

What are you talking about...You Hunter gals are always dolled up and accessorized perfectly! That includes you!!!!

All those headbands make me want to have another baby girl ( about 3 years though! Not ANY time soon!)