Thursday, July 2, 2009


Gosh, I just realized this evening that I have really been a slacker this week. Only a couple posts. I think I am still trying to get rested up from my Ta-Ta week. Or maybe I just haven't done anything exciting enough to share with all of you. I did manage to get into my studio one whole day and make a few canvas art pieces, but the rest of the time has been spent just hanging out with my sweet hubby. He has a sore wrist and took off 4 days of golf so we have had a chance to just relax around the house this week.
The big treat this morning was getting to see my daughter and youngest granddaughter, Sofia. Hanna went to play with friends this morning so we will see her tomorrow. Jami and the two girls flew home from a week in WA with Bre and the boys last night. Frank and I were so excited to see them this morning. Sofia gave us the once over and then burst into a big smile. That immediately melted our hearts.....she is so sweet I could just gobble her up! She was busy "gumming" her little necklace toy in this picture.

Last night Frank took me out to dinner and then to see Smokie Robinson perform at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix. We had awesome seats about 40 feet from the stage in the round. Smokie put on an incredible show. His voice is still beautiful. Best of all was when he sang "My Girl" (which he wrote for the Temptations). That just happens to be our favorite special song. Frank and I held hands and swayed to the music as my heart soared with love for my husband. Nothing like a good 'ole love song to get the heart pumping! As the concert ended I ran up to the stage ramp and shook Mr. Robinson's hand. A perfect ending to a memory making night.

Time to hit the hay as I will be up at 5:30 am for the gym with Rosie and then home to get some food prepared for our Sat. 4th of July pool party with friends.

XOXO Nancy

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