Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This morning Bre and I dropped the boys off for Vacation Bible School and took our 3 hour reprieve and headed for the stores. One of our stops was Target to pick up a couple things and Bre had me looking through their clothes. Since I didn't think Target carried any clothes that fit my "older" shape I never shop there.
That turned out to be a mistake.
After giving some of their bermuda's a try I found out that they have a couple styles that work for me. But best of all, I came across a great bargain...........and who doesn't love a good bargain?
I found these three pair of bermuda shorts on the sale rack for $4.98 each! BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Target is now on my shopping list!

Here's our grandsons on their way to Bible Camp this morning.
All 500 kids think this Vacation Bible School is a ton of fun. And best of all, they are throwing a carnival with dinner for all the kids and parents on Friday night to celebrate the end of camp.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....it was haircut time. As you can see by the look on Cole's face this is not his favorite thing to do.

Caden was having such a good time playing.......

.........then we had to go and ruin it by cutting his hair. This is definitely NOT his favorite thing to have done.
Last Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and drinks at a party at our dear friends, Chuck and Rosie's home. Such gracious hosts and always delicious food and more then enough drinks!
This is lovely Rosie enjoying one of her outstanding chocolate martinis.

Sandy nabbed the comfy seat and settled right in for an evening of fun.

Marty didn't let his injury stop him from attending. Glen found out how good Rosie's Cosmopolitans are.
Frank and Judy posed with our host, Chuck after dinner outside.
Erica and Linda wasted no time getting into the party spirit.
Bre even got to get in on the action.
Bill and Sandy sharing their good friendship!!
Not to play favorites, Bill made sure our host, Chuck, didn't feel left out!

OK, so I may have had a little too much fun.......after finishing off a couple chocolate martini's I thought I still needed a couple of Rosie's delicious strawberry margaritas. Bad idea!
Erica and Bill on their way home after a memorable evening.

The grandkids continue to love swimming in our pool.
Coleman and Hanna were practicing their tricks swimming under water through the hula-hoops.

Cade thinks jumping off the sheer decent is the best.
Here's Bre doing what she loves the most.
Fun in the sun..........

And not to be forgotten......our sweet baby Sofia.

Now that I have had a couple hours to put my feet up and have a little relaxation, I am trying to get motivated for my Zumba class tonight. It's hard since Frank is on the patio BBQ'ing steaks right now, the potatoes are baked and the aroma is to die for. No food for me until after exercise. And to think that the boys voted for hot dogs instead of steak.....oh well, more for the adults.
OK, time to go get this body in shape. Have a nice evening.
XOXO Nancy

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